11 Valentine’s Day Memes About Pets, Because Your True Bae Is Your Dog


Whether you're dreading it or actually looking forward to the plans you have, Valentine's Day is creeping up on us all and will be here before you know it. Feb. 14th is only a few days away, at this point, and it's time to get an idea of how you'll be spending it. If you're dating someone, you might have big plans: dinner, a movie, some kind of fancy date night, lots of expensive gifts, maybe some private time... you know, the works. If you're single, maybe you have plans to do something with friends, or you just want to hang and have the night to yourself to do whatever. But whether you're doing something or not, you should definitely find a way to celebrate the animals in your life too. These cute and funny pet Valentine's Day memes will inspire you to do just that!

After all, Valentine's Day is really a holiday that celebrates love. Sure, that usually ends up meaning the romantic kind of love, but there's no rule that it can only mean that. Maybe, for you, V-Day means the opportunity to celebrate your adorable dog or cat or whatever kind of pet you have. You can buy them cute little Valentine's Day themed gifts, take them for an extra long walk as a "date," snuggle with them on the couch (nothing is better than pet snuggles), and just generally give them a little extra attention and care. They definitely deserve it, and it will make you feel a lot happier than you realize.

And, in the meantime, check out some of these pet Valentine's Day memes. They're perfect for sharing on social media, and they're a reminder that animals can be the best reason to smile no matter what else is going on in your life. That's something we can all get behind!


This perfect Valentine's Day gift:

Because is there really anything better than pizza and your dog? Or any animal, really? Nope.


This meme that sums up how you may feel on Valentine's Day:

If you're not feeling Feb. 14 at all lately, then you'll probably channel Grumpy Cat's spirit.


This extremely accurate meme:

He absolutely will.


This Valentine's Day plan that sounds basically perfect:

This honestly sounds like the best way to spend Valentine's Day any tear.


Or this one:

This also sounds pretty amazing. Can we do it every night?


This sweet plan for V-Day:

Hey, if you don't have a person to go out with, why not go out with your pets? They definitely deserve it!


This great idea:

You deserve to treat yourself, and if that means getting a dog, then you're better off.


This answer to your loneliness:

Maybe you just want to feel less alone! A cat is the perfect remedy.


This meme that explains how much you care:

Who needs chocolate when there are dogs?


This explanation of what it's like when you get chocolate:

This panda is you, basically.


This adorable picture that will be all you need this holiday:

Wow. This is the best picture on the internet.