Where To Protest On Presidents Day

Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Typically Presidents Day is a lighthearted day that we spend shopping or catching up on laundry or having a long overdue brunch date with our friends. Typically it's just a day off. It's sort of a throwaway holiday that we don't think too much about — no offense Washington and Lincoln. But this year, there are so many protests on Presidents Day that it undeniably has a different vibe. It's no longer a day off, but a day to be active, to fight, to stand up for our rights, and maybe for the first time in any of our lives, protest the leader of our nation and all that he stands for.

All over the country protests are organizing to get people together to fight to protect our future, be it protecting immigrants, refugees, women's rights, the environment, LGBTQ rights, or any of the countless things at stake throughout Trump's presidency. If you're looking to do something a bit more proactive this year than look at flat screen TV specials or spend the day oversleeping and watching too much television, you might want to consider checking out one of these peaceful protests. If this president is not your president, these are the events for you:

Not My President March, Washington, D.C

Meet up your with community at The Mall at 10 A.M. to be a part of a city-wide march.

Anti-Presidents Day Festival, Clifton, NJ

At 5 P.M. at Dingbatz (620 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, New Jersey 07013), join the local community for a musical festival to protest the administration.

Presidents Day Protest, Kansas City, MO

At 4 P.M., at JC Nichols Memorial Fountain (50 W 47th St, Kansas City, Missouri 64112) a rally will commence.

Presidents Day General Strike, Denver, CO

Starting a 9 A.M., at the Colorado State Capitol (200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80203) a group strike will commence.

Not My President Rally, Chicago, IL

Across the street from Trump Tower (Northeast corner of Wabash St. and Wacker Dr., South side of Chicago River) a rally will commence at noon.

Not My President Rally, New York City, NY

At noon in Columbus Circle, a rally to resist the president and his agendas will commence.

Not My President Rally, Los Angeles, CA

At the Los Angeles City Hall (200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, California 90012) at 9 A.M., a rally will commence.

Not My President Rally, Boston, MA

At the Boston Commons at noon, a rally will commence.

Not My President Rally, Philadelphia, PA

At noon at the Thomas Paine Plaza (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102), a rally to support Philly's values will commence.

Not My President Rally, Austin, TX

At the Texas State Capitol at noon, a rally will commence.

Not My President Rally, Augusta, ME

At 10 A.M., in the Maine State House (210 State St., Augusta, Maine 04330) a short rally will commence to increase awareness and resistance against the ban.

For tips on safety and things to bring to a protest, check out Bustle's article on protest prep here.