Actions To Take To Protest On Presidents Day

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Presidents Day typically recognizes the lives and achievements of all of America’s presidents. Celebrating President's Day this year, however, feels bittersweet considering Donald Trump is our current president. But if you don't feel like toasting Trump (understandable), you can use Presidents Day to protest Trump by taking these seven actions. After all, dissent is patriotic, right?

To me, it hardly seems right to celebrate a leader who has vowed to take away the rights of tens of millions of Americans. In his short tenure, Trump has threatened to restrict access to safe abortions, promised to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, instilled fear in the LGBTQIA community, dismissed women's rights, targeted immigrants... and that's not even all. The list goes on. It's exhausting, and it's frightening.

Many Americans will have Monday off from work. If you're one of them, why not turn your holiday into a day of action instead? There are countless organizations that are working to preserve your rights to access everything from your reproductive rights, to your civil liberties, to your access to arts and culture.

Make Monday an action day and commit to volunteering for a group in your community that is making a difference, host a postcard-writing party, or take the day to set up monthly donations to anti-Trump organizations that matter to you (even if you can only give $5.) Here are seven ways to show your support for the resistance.


Attend A (Not My) Presidents Day Protest

I'm pretty sure Trump is talking about Presidents Day here. I know it's hard to say the words "President Trump" out loud. If you feel that Trump is not your president, there are myriad (Not My) Presidents Day protests planned around the country. Find (or organize) a protest near you, and band together with like-minded people.


Host A Postcard-Writing Party

They say they pen is mightier than the sword, so why not oppose Trump this Presidents Day by hosting a postcard party to write to your representatives. Ask them to oppose Trump's policies, like the temporary travel ban, repeal of the ACA, and the deregulation of environmental protection acts, and thank others (like Elizabeth Warren) for constantly having your back.


Donate To Organizations That Will Help Those Who Are Particularly Vulnerable Right Now

If you haven't had a chance to set up a monthly donation to one of countless organizations that help those who are especially vulnerable under Trump's presidency, use Presidents Day to make your commitment. If you're totally broke, consider giving even just $5 a month to one organization.

Options include Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund, the Mexican American Education and Legal Defense Fund, the Sierra Club, the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People, the Human Right's Campaign, ProPublica, the Trevor Project, the Natural Resources Defense Council, or the Southern Poverty Law Center.



If you can't spare any money, your time is just as valuable. Volunteer for an organization that's part of the resistance this Presidents Day. Even if you can't actually volunteer on Monday, take the step to set up a volunteer commitment for some time in the near future.


Honor A President You Admire

It's been reported that no living president voted to elect Donald Trump. If celebrating Trump this Presidents Day feels blasphemous to you, consider honoring your favorite president instead. No president is perfect, of course, but most have done something noteworthy to advance the United States in a positive way. Pick a president, and overwhelm social media with love for you pick.


Practice Self Care

If you are feeling overwhelmed, skip the Presidents Day sales and use the time to stay home and practice self care. Staying active in the fight against Trump is exhausting. Consider using Monday as a day of rest so you can rejoin the resistance rejuvenated and refreshed.


Support The Free Press

The current attacks on free speech extend to journalists. Some reporters covering Trump's inauguration were arrested and charged with felonies. The free press is a vital part of any democratic society.

This Presidents Day, consider supporting organizations fighting for journalists right to report, like PEN USA. Subscribe to your local newspaper, or donate to an online news site. Information is the number one weapon at your disposal to fight back against Trump. Help those bringing it to you succeed.