11 Reasons To Watch 'A Christmas Prince' Even Now That Christmas Is Over


Another Christmas season has come and gone, and with it all the glorious made-for-TV holiday movies. But, there's one thing 2018 cannot take away from us: and that's A Christmas Prince. Netflix's hit original movie is still available to stream. And if you need convincing, these 11 reasons to watch A Christmas Prince even now that Christmas is over should be more than enough to get you to press play. Even if you've seen it before, there are plenty of reasons to watch the instant holiday classic again, even now that Christmas has passed.

A Christmas Prince has earned some praise and a whole lot of criticism since its release on Nov. 17. Why? Because it is ridiculous. Created as Netflix's own made-for-TV Xmas movie, A Christmas Prince combines so many clichés and uninspired twists and dialogue that it is truly one of a kind. Even Netflix's own Twitter account recognized the film's ridiculous nature, publicly shaming users who had watched the film daily since its release with a *lighthearted* tweet on Dec. 10.

But A Christmas Prince is also amazingly entertaining, joyous, and so committed to telling a fairytale princess love story that it's almost... admirable. The film is about young journalist, Amber, who is sent to the fictional and vaguely European kingdom of Aldovia to cover the anticipated abdication of the wild Prince Richard. Through a series of mishaps, Amber finds herself going undercover as a tutor for Richard's disabled little sister, Emily, and lands in the middle of royal family drama when she falls in love with Richard. There's also a jilted, wannabe queen ex-lover and an adoption subplot. And if that quick summary isn't enough to peak your interest, then here are 11 more reasons to watch A Christmas Prince.


The Plot

Miss movies like The Prince and Me and The Princess Diaries? Then A Christmas Prince is right for you! Though not exactly as realistic as The Prince and Me (yes, I said realistic) or as charming as The Princess Diaries, A Christmas Prince borrows enough from both that it will at least serve as a sweet slice of childhood nostalgia.


You Can Talk During It

While usually not a selling point for movies, the fact that you can talk during A Christmas Prince is actually a huge plus, especially if you're looking for something to watch with friends you haven't seen since before the holidays. Granted, you might not want to talk through the movie once you see the sparks between Amber and Prince Richard, but having the option after a long break spent with family is a nice bonus.


Amber's Sleuthing Skills Are Must-See

Amber is, to put it mildly, perhaps the worst millennial spy ever. Her frequent attempts at filming the Prince covertly are always huge fails. She might as well be holding her phone up to her eye as if looking through a viewfinder — this would be less obvious.


As Are Her Notes


This is an actual screen shot of Amber's notes. Amber, a journalist, writes notes with three question marks, reminders like "Have to find out!!" and helpful tidbits like "I still don't know the real story." It will have you asking yourself questions like, "What does Notes 4.5 even mean?" and "Does Amber think journalism is the same thing as writing a diary?"


Christmas Songs

No Christmas movie is complete without some Christmas tunes. A Christmas Prince is light on music, save for a very strange, "Jingle Bell Rock" rip-off Christmas song that plays over the opening credits, but there are a few Christmas carols that make an appearance. Prince Richard, in what is meant to be a dazzling display of sensitivity and, uh, talent, is twice caught by Amber playing Christmas carols on the piano. This raises the questions: does he only know how to play Christmas music on the piano? Is this truly an admirable skill?


The Acorn


I won't spoil it here, but there is a giant acorn ornament that plays a crucial plot point in A Christmas Prince, and you can bet that's a first.



Emily is, hands down, the best character. She's a bit of a stereotype — starts out bratty, ends up being Amber's greatest ally — but she's also the only one with clear motives and a healthy amount of sass.


The Converse

Get ready to feel validated in your decision to never wear heels because Amber flat out refuses to wear anything but her Converse at the Winter Ball where, NBD, Prince Richard is set to be crowned King. SHE DOESN'T EVEN CHANGE FOR A CORONATION.




Another delightful supporting character: Pop, Amber's kind father who owns a dinner in Brooklyn and is full of made-for-TV advice.


It Honestly Has Nothing To Do With Christmas

Other than having Christmas in the title and taking place during the winter, A Christmas Prince has little to do with the actual holiday. In fact, it's shockingly secular. Just pretend the Christmas trees are just traditional Aldovian decoration, and — voila! — the movie isn't a Christmas movie, it's an all-year-round movie.


It's Pure Fun

2018 is just beginning, and already we're being accosted by bad news, be it from YouTube or the President. We, the people with access to a Netflix account, deserve a bit of harmless fun, and that's exactly what A Christmas Prince Is. A bit of escapism and ridiculous romance never hurt anybody, and for those whose self-care includes so-bad-it's-good movies, then A Christmas Prince is a great way to kick off the year.