If You Love 'A Christmas Prince,' You'll Want To Watch These Things On Netflix Next

The Christmas movie that's sweeping the nation this year is hands down Netflix's A Christmas Prince. The film is cheesy, holiday rom-com perfection that deserves all of the love, but eventually you're going to have to watch something else. Luckily, there are lots of things to watch on Netflix if you love A Christmas Prince. Granted, these things aren't quite as spectacular as the love story between Amber and Prince Richard, but nothing ever could be.

If you already love A Christmas Prince— and really, who doesn't? — then you're in luck, because the movie is full of delightful tropes and lovable stars. Whether it's the royal aspect that brings you the most joy or the Christmas vibes, Netflix has plenty of alternatives to their original holiday masterpiece for fans to enjoy. In fact, you might want to start a special to-watch list just for shows and movies that will keep you drowning in A Christmas Prince feels straight through the new year.

Despite what Netflix's Twitter account may have to say about viewers who are turning A Christmas Prince into a daily treat, there's no shame in indulging in this new holiday classic as many times as you want. However, these 13 shows and movies will be waiting for you on Netflix when you're ready to move beyond Amber and Prince Richard's happily ever after.

1. A Christmas Kiss

A Christmas Kiss puts a modern twist on Cinderella by turning the Disney princess into an over-worked assistant who shares a magical kiss with her boss' co-worker in an elevator. Because she was in costume at the time, the man of her dreams doesn't realize his soulmate is standing right in front of him — cue happy sighs.

2. A Christmas Kiss II

That's right, there are two movies about people sharing magical Christmas kisses in an elevator, and this one has the added bonus of the leading man being a wealthy playboy.

3. The Decoy Bride

David Tennant plays a writer, who's all set to marry the most famous actor in the world. But then he ends up falling for a small town girl named Katie after she poses as his — you guessed it — decoy bride.

4. The Spirit Of Christmas

Hey, if you can't marry a prince, a ghost will do in a pinch. Especially if he's as dapper as the guy haunting the inn in this twee Christmas tale.

5. Christmas Belle

This holiday film features a romance between a millionaire and an auctioneer. And he has a dog named Beast. Come on, you need this movie in your life.

6. 12 Dates Of Christmas

Christmas Eve gets the Groundhog Day treatment in this holiday movie, which gets extra bonus points for starring Saved By The Bell's Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

7. Christmas Inheritance

A Christmas Prince isn't the only original Netflix holiday movie. If you're looking for more holiday magic, Christmas Inheritance has you covered.

8. The Crown

Is it the royal intrigue that keeps you coming back to A Christmas Prince? Then it's time to marathon The Crown. Sure, it's more high-brow, but it's just as addictive.

9. Leap Year

Leap Year's trip across the pond isn't quite as glamorous as the one Amber takes, but it's every bit as romantic.

10. Chalet Girl

A class divide can't keep the lovebirds in this (or any) movie apart. However, that won't keep their families from trying.

11. The Young Victoria

If Queen Victoria and Prince Albert hadn't popularized modern Christmas traditions, A Christmas Prince probably wouldn't even exist. Honor their contributions to society by watching this swoon-worthy ode to their royal romance.

12. iZombie

When she's not playing characters who marry princes, actor Rose McIver is eating brains and solving crimes on this delightful CW show.

13. Once Upon A Time

If you're looking for a nice, long series with cheesy flourishes and lots of true love, then Storybrook will be your new favorite fictional town. Once Upon a Time is full of fairy tale romances, princes, princesses, and, yes, McIver. A Christmas Prince fans are almost certain to love this series.

Now that you've witnessed the magic of A Christmas Prince one (or 12) times, these 13 shows and movies should keep you busy at least until the inevitable sequel lands on Netflix.