17 'A Christmas Prince' Tweets That Perfectly Capture Why You Love-Hate The Film So Much


Everyone has probably heard of "a Christmas miracle," but this holiday season, everyone experienced one. Netflix's original Christmas movie, A Christmas Prince, came as a surprise, like presents under the tree, but it's truly the gift that keeps on giving due to its intense cheesiness. People either love A Christmas Prince because of that, or they hate it. The other option is that they hate it so much that they love it or vice versa. But the point is that Netflix's A Christmas Prince has a polarizing effect on people that means that everyone is officially obsessed.

The movie follows the story of a journalist who goes to a made-up country called Aldovia to write about — you guessed it — a prince. It also takes place during Christmas, which you likely gathered already from the title. What the movie's name doesn't give away, though, is how hilarious the whole thing is. From the second the movie starts, everything about it is just so perfectly corny that you most likely won't be able to help but laugh at every scene. From the cliché magazine editor to the confusingly lax palace security, it's all a feast for the eyes.

Since it's nearly impossible to watch A Christmas Prince and not talk about it, Twitter has been abuzz with conversation about the royal love story. These are the 14 best tweets about the Netflix Christmas movie on everyone's minds.


Start Your New Year Off Right With 'A Christmas Prince'

It would be so magical.


It Checks All The Boxes

One Twitter compared A Christmas Prince to Netflix's other original Christmas movie, A Christmas Inheritance, and they both came out to basically being Princess Diaries 2.


Some Became Offended At The Mere Suggestion Of It

But hate-watching things is so fun.


Netflix Even Weighed In

Sure, they might have a biased opinion considering they distributed the movie, but they also might be right.


It Has Something In Common With 'Star Trek'

Alice Krige plays both the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact and Queen Helena in A Christmas Prince. She should probably get her own spin-off next year.


Amber's Portrayal Of A Journalist Offended Some

Because the main character wasn't doing journalists any favors.


And Then There Were The Many Plot Holes

Like the fact that a random tutor could just walk into a castle? What?


And Some Editing Failures

As far as determining the setting in the beginning, A Christmas Prince confused everyone familiar with major U.S. cities.


Some Had To Decompress After Watching

Even after reading people's tweets about it, you still may be surprised by what A Christmas Prince has to offer.


Netflix Created A Whole New Rubric For Life

Whatever he is, he'd better be Christmas.


And Some Reimagined The Movie With A Different (Better) Prince

The "but good" part is debatable, though, because A Christmas Prince is so bad it's good.


'A Christmas Prince' Apparently Has The Power To Tear Families Apart

You're better off without families that don't support your A Christmas Prince viewing habits, though.


Then There Were The Surprising Reviews

You might not expect to love something so bad, but maybe that's just the Christmas magic working.


Like, A Lot Of Surprising Reviews

In one single tweet, we've illustrated how "trash" can be a slang term for something good and for something you're obsessed with.


No, But Really

Well, if it's that good...


So, So Many Feelings

That seems excessive, but also true.


The Movie Was A Game-Changer

This movie will change your life, if it hasn't already.

There's one thing for sure at this point. No matter what comes next, A Christmas Prince has made Christmas of 2017 the most fun Christmas of all.