Steamy Romances Almost *Too* Hot For The Beach

by Sadie Trombetta

Summer is in full swing, but the temperature isn't the only thing that's heating up this year. Your summer reading list is about to sizzle once you add these steamy romance books that are almost too hot for the beach. Whether you like regency romances or prefer modern love, there's something on this list that will make you break a sweat — and not just because you're reading in the sun.

Everyone has a different opinion about what makes the perfect summer reading book. Some people like to dive into page-turning mysteries while sunning on the beach, while others like to read scary stories by the campfire. My own summer reading list has a bit of everything on it, from inspiring memoirs to women's fiction to the classics, and more. And while, in this reviewer's opinion, there's no one true kind of "beach read," it just wouldn't feel quite right unless I included a few steamy romances on my summer TBR list. Whether it's a sinful love triangle between royals or a the lustful love story of second chance romance, there's just something about hot romance reads that make summer seem complete.

Ready to turn up the heat on your own summer reading list? Then check out these 11 romance novels that are almost too hot to read on the beach.


'The Last Guy' by Ilsa Madden-Mills and Tia Louise

The first contemporary romantic comedy from writing duo Ilsa Madden-Mills and Tia Louise, The Last Guy is a steamy romance perfect for summer reading. When determined reporter Rebecca Fieldstone first meets the new sports director for the network, Cade Hill, she knows she is in trouble. Although she has a strict no-romance policy, one night, a lot of drinks, and undeniable chemistry are enough to push Rebecca over the edge and into Cade's arms. It may have been the hottest sex of their lives, but Rebecca is determined to keep it a one-time thing. Cade, on the other hand, is even more determined to prove that he's the last guy Rebecca will ever need.

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'Shacking Up' by Helena Hunting

After a chance encounter leads to a steamy kiss and a sickly cough, Ruby Scott misses her shot at stardom after completely bombing an audition that could have been her lucky break. Broke and desperate, she takes a job as an exotic pet sitter for a hotel magnate, but when she arrives at his gorgeous penthouse, she discovers her new boss is the very same guy that got her sick. Guilty for the role he played in Ruby's problem, Bane offers her a permanent position with him, and the two quickly find themselves shacking up in a home bursting with sexual tension, burning hot chemistry, and the possibility of real love. Funny and sweet as it is hot and sexy, Shacking Up is a fun summer read you won't want to put down.

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'Buns' by Alice Clayton

The third installment of bestselling author Alice Clayton's Hudson Valley series, Buns is playfully sexy read that will delight fans of the the previous books and newcomers alike. Clara Morgan is a smart, successful, hardworking rebranding expert who specializes in sprucing up old family resorts, resorts like Archie Bryant's family hotel in Bailey Falls. But when Clara is hired to try and help revamp Bryant Mountain House, Archie tries his hardest to ignore her efforts, determined to save his family's legacy his way. The two butt heads over everything, but it doesn't take long for either of them to realize that there might just be something more behind their banter. A sweet and smart erotic romance with characters readers will love, Buns is a sticky treat not to be missed.

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'Lord of Lies' by Amy Sandas

Danger, intrigue, and passion leap off the pages in the latest A Fallen Ladies novel from bestselling romance author Amy Sandas. Portia has never had an adventurous life, but when her sister is kidnapped, she finds herself immersed in a dangerous world she never expected with a dark and beautiful man she never imagined. Nightshade is a mysterious mercenary with a dark past, but when he is hired by Portia to help track down her sister, he finds that the inexperienced lady isn't the only one learning a thing or two about the world. A steamy ready starring a strong-willed heroine and a sexy hero, Lord of Lies has plenty of action and sensuality to keep readers entertained.

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'At His Mercy' by Shelly Bell

So hot it you might need gloves to handle it, Shelly Bell's At His Mercy is one of the steamiest reads of the summer. Tristan is determined to turn over a new leaf, but not until after he has one more night of wild, uninhibited passion. After all the darkness in her past, Isabella is ready to start living again when she finds the perfect stranger to make her feel alive. The only problem? Tristian is Isabella's professor, and although the two never thought they'd see each other after their hot-and-heavy one night stand, they're lives begin to collide. Things only get more complicated when a stranger from Isabella's past shows up on campus, and Tristan realizes he'd do anything to keep her safe. Suspenseful as it is sensual, At His Mercy is the kind of titillating romance that makes summer reading so much fun.

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'Just the Thing' by Marie Harte

The second installment in Marie Harte's The Donnigans series, Just the Thing is the kind of book that will make you sweat while you read it. A former marine, Gavin Donnigan is haunted by his past, and the only thing that seems to help him feel better is the self defense classes he teaches at the local gym, and the gorgeous woman in it who seems not to even notice him. Zoe York is still reeling from the death of her twin sister, and the time she spends at the gym is her one distraction from the pain. That, and the hot instructor who is helping her feel alive again, because once these two begin to take their sweat sessions out of the gym, they both find there's a lot of passion left to live for.

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'The Day of the Duchess' by Sarah MacLean

A seductive novel from cover to cover, The Day of the Duchess is a thrilling addition to the Scandal & Scoundrel series from bestselling author Sarah MacLean. Malcolm Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven, has been hiding from his past for the last three years, but when duty calls, he is forced to find a woman to bear him an heir. The only problem? He is already married, but his wife, Seraphina, Duchess of Haven, can never forgive him for the sins of his past. Brought back together again by duty, the pair make a deal: Seraphina can have freedom as long as she helps Malcolm find a new wife first. But will they end up falling into each other's arm, unable to deny their passion for one another, or is their broken past too much to overcome?

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'Until It Fades' K.A. Tucker

An emotionally complex and sexually intriguing novel, K.A. Tucker's Until It Fades has the perfect balance of sweetness and steaminess. After single mother Catherine Wright saves a man's life one foggy night, she is shocked to learn the man she rescued wasn't just some random guy, but hockey legend and media star Brett Madden. Afraid of her past being dragged out into the light, Catherine tries to keep her identity hidden, but when Brett finds her to thank her, her whole world changes. Drawn together by a connection that goes beyond the saved and the savior, Catherine and Brett soon find themselves immersed in something they never expected. The only question is, will the feelings last, or will Brett get sick of a plain girl like Catherine and move on? You'll have to ready this sexy story to find out.

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'White Hot' Ilona Andrews

Jump back into the sexy and magical world of the Hidden Legacy novels with Ilona Andrews' latest installment, White Hot. In this adventure. Nevada Baylor and Connor "Mad" Rogan team back up to take down the evil forces that threaten their city, only this time, the danger is darker and more deadly than ever before. A thrilling paranormal romance with plenty of action and just as much seduction, White Hot lives up to its name.

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'The Billionaires' by Calista Fox

Enter a lover's triangle like you've never seen in Calista Fox's latest erotic read, The Billionaires. Jewel Catalano, Rogen Angelini, and Vin D'Angelo were inseparable as children growing up on the vineyards of California. That is, until family feuds and personal choices tore them apart and drove their lives in different directions. Years later, the trio find themselves thrust back into their hometown to deal with business, but instead find more pleasure than any of them could have imagined. A delicious read that will leave you hot and bothered, The Billionaires is the definition of sexy.

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'Boss' by Tracy Brown

Described as "Empire meets Scandal meets Romeo and Juliet," Tracy Brown's Boss has enough romance, sex, intrigue, and drama for an entire summer's worth of reading. Crystal Scott has it all: a successful career, a bustling social life, and the world at her fingertips. But when she meets Troy Mitchell, she realizes the one thing she has been missing all along: their passion. Troy wants Crystal as badly as she wants him, but there are a whole lot of people standing in their way: namely, both of their families who will stop at nothing to keep them apart. Will their love and passion survive revenge, threats, and family feuds, or are they another pair of doomed lovers?

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