11 Scary New Books Perfect For Your Campfire Reading This Summer

Few things mark the arrival of summertime like an epic camping trip — driving to your favorite forest, staking out the perfect woodland nook, stocking up on tons of chocolatey smores, and building the perfect campfire. But as all book lovers know, no camping trip is complete without a stack of scary campfire stories that’ll totally freak you out, all night long. The good news is, this summer is seeing its fair share of new thrillers, taking you from one summertime locale to another: a zoo turned-terrifying, an eerie mountainside campsite, an idyllic island with a dark side, a New England river with a history of secrets, and more; all making for great (and totally heart-pounding) books to read around the campfire.

The only thing better than kicking back and eating your weight in melted, marshmallowy goodness is scaring the pants off yourself and your fellow campers, with some of the best thrillers of the summer. Just be sure you have a flashlight ready (and maybe your car keys, just in case you all need to high-tail it out of there after reading one too many moonlit chapters.)

Check out these 11 scary new books, perfect for your campfire reading this summer.