11 Valentine’s Day Playlists That Aren’t Cheesy

by Kaitlyn Wylde
George Frey/Getty Images News/Getty Images

No matter what kind of mood you're in this Valentine's Day, there's a song for it. Whether you're loving love, loving yourself, or completely disinterested in the holiday all together, you'll want to check out one of these Valentine's Day playlists I've curated for you. Whatever you're feeling, you're not feeling it alone.

It's nice to be reminded that there are a lot of different ways we can feel about the same thing, and no matter where you stand, you're in good company and you're not alone. That said, we're all capable of many moods in one day, so you might start your day off with some classic love songs, and spiral into an anti-Valentine's Day funk, only to level out with a craving for some love-themed comedy specials, and lucky for you, I've provided playlists for all of those moods.

Here you'll find a variety of Valentine's Day vibes, equally perfect for listening alone, listening together, or half-listening when you're completely busy doing something else. Valentine's Day evokes a lot of feels, and you should feel free to explore them all, and have whatever kind of experience your heart desires. Lean into whatever kind of romance your heart desires. Turn up the volume and choose your own Valentine's Day adventure.

Getting In The Mood

This playlist will help you get in the mood, and it won't stop until you're done.

Candlelit Dinner

This quiet dinner playlist includes a really nice balance of classics and contemporary jams that will really set a calm and romantic tone at the dinner table.

Rom Com Vibes

Whether you're spending your Valentine's Day home watching rom coms in your pajamas, out living your own rendition of a rom com, or looking for your meet cute, you'll enjoy these theme songs that scream "happy ending."

Party Of One

When you're single and not sorry about it, this playlist will fuel you with all the empowerment you need to blaze through Valentine's Day.

Big Mood Valentine's Day

This big mood play list is so big, it has 238 songs. If you're trying to harness some big energy this Valentine's Day, this playlist will afford you plenty of opportunities to get psyched.

Power Ballad

If you really want to lean into the romance of Valentine's Day, blast some epic power ballads and revel in anthemic declarations of love.

My Funny Valentine, Literally

If you're not in the mood for music, opt for this epic female-centric comedy playlist that will totally change the Valentine's Day vibe into something a little more playful.

Anti-Valentine's Day

Whether you're focusing on self love, or just not a fan of the holiday in general, you'll love Spotify's Anti-Valentine's Day playlist that features epic "screw love" anthems.

Classy Love

If you're in the mood for something traditional, these oldies are definitely still goodies. This playlist is great for starting your day on a romantic note.

Love In The Club

If your ideal Valentine's Day is not a quiet romantic dinner, but rather a loud, bumpin' party, this banger mix will really hit the spot.

Pillow Talk

If you're not in the mood for love songs this Valentine's Day, you might want to give these loves stories a listen. The Modern Love podcast features stunning and unique love stories, read aloud by celebrities who connected with them the most.