11 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Can Actually Make Someone A Toxic Person

For people who are struggling to maintain healthy relationships with their friends, family, and partners, it can help to look at any toxic personality traits and the little habits that may accompany them. By being more aware of everyday habits — like gossiping, being passive aggressive, or judging others — it'll be easier to turn things around for the better.

"We all have toxic habits," clinical psychologist Dr. Perpetua Neo tells Bustle. "Think of them as muscles. Sometimes we unknowingly feed them. And they become automatic behaviors. Past a certain time, they may become so deeply ingrained, they become us. Which makes us ... toxic people, unwilling or unable to see another's standpoint." And it's at this point that relationships can suffer.

But all is not lost. "Giving ourselves time and space to reflect on the not-so-desirable parts of ourselves helps circumvent that, and makes us better human beings," Neo says. "We also become better to ourselves. Being toxic is tiring on ourselves — we know that something is intrinsically wrong, but we're unwilling to face it. So we battle with ourselves, living in a state of dissonance and anxiety."

Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of awareness to turn toxic habits into more positive ones. Here are a few habits experts say can give off toxic vibes, as well as what to do about them.