Becca K.'s Instagram Proves That 'The Bachelor' Star Is Just As Cool IRL As On The Show

Craig Sjodin/ABC

In a night of big impressions, Becca K. left one of the biggest on The Bachelor (editors: Amy Barbour, Debra Light) when introducing herself to Arie Luyendyk Jr. In lieu of a clever pick-up line or a grand automobile entrance, Becca instead confidently took Arie through the steps of getting down on one knee before her to ask if she was "ready to do the damn thing." Becca K.'s confident start to the season was enough to help her survive the first ceremony — but what else is there to know about her as she continues on the season? Becca K.'s Instagram showcases her non-Bachelor real life and gives fans a sneak-peek at the person that Arie will be getting to know (and possibly getting engaged to) during his season.

Becca is a Prior Lake, Minnesota native who, according to her ABC profile, loves dogs, stamps, and Sister Act 2. While her official Bachelor profile helps give fans an idea of things she likes, Becca's Instagram provides an insightful look into what she does in her life. Her hobbies range from the physically ambitious to the intellectually stimulating, proving that she'll likely always have something to talk to Arie about. Her biggest date fear may be "That we will run out of things to talk about," but judging by her Instagram, there are plenty of things in Becca K's life worth discussing.

She Practices Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga has become a popular alternative to "ground" yoga in recent years, and Becca K. appears to be fully on board with doing her yoga a few feet in the air.

She Is Committed To Wine

Accompanying a picture of her sipping on a glass of white wine, Becca writes a dedication to one of her favorite drinks. In her own words, wine is "the wind beneath my wings. The one who makes me feel invincible and sets my soul on fire. For better or worse." Can Arie even compete?

She Makes Her Own Political Shirts

Not only is Becca awaiting a return of Joe Biden to the white house, she's also making her own shirts in anticipation. In an Instagram comment on this picture, Becca revealed that she did, in fact, make her own Joe Biden T-shirt.

She's A Big Stevie Nicks Fan

Becca is such a fan of Stevie Nicks that she claims "all of my children and dogs will be named after this angel."

She's Got A BFF

Yes, it's true – men and women can be friends! (Lol, now everyone can stop asking.) Becca expressed the thoughts of every women who has a male best friend when she said, "If I had a dollar for every time I was asked if we are dating/if we are going to date/why we aren't dating, I would probably be able to buy at least 3 chipotles." Although, judging by the caption "Save the date 2037," it looks like they may have an "if we're not married in 30 years..." pledge.

She's Unabashedly Political

Between carrying signs on support in the Women's protest and another Instagram post of her flipping off a Trump-supporting booth at a state fair, it's clear that Becca is not afraid of sharing her political opinions.

She's A Fan Of Settlers Of Catan

If Arie isn't currently versed in the beloved board game Settlers Of Catan, he may need to get familiar. Becca seems to be a fan of the acclaimed resource-trading game.

Her Halloween Outfit Was Eleven From Stranger Things

Hopefully, Arie has a Chief Hopper or Demogorgon outfit at the ready for a future couples costume, should the two end up together.

Seriously, Becca's Halloween Game Is On Point

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On may not be the most recognizable costume, but it shows that Becca isn't dressing up in costume for anyone other than herself.

She Lost Her Father At A Young Age

Becca posted to Instagram that "not a day goes by that I don't strive to be a better version of myself because of [my father]." His obituary explains that Steve "Buckshot" Kufrin died in 2009 when Becca was 19.

Becca Loves Animals

Becca's Instagram is filled with pictures of her spending time with bunnies, cats, and dogs of all breeds. No dog gets more attention than her corgi, however. Whether Arie is a cat person, a dog person, or prefers some other type of fluffy animal, Becca seems readily able to adapt to any pet situation.

Every contestant on The Bachelor has an interesting life that exists outside of the show — and Becca is no different. Now we just have to wait and see if Arie finds it as interesting as fans do.