Colton's Instagram Proves The 'Bachelorette' Contestant Is More Than That Dating Controversy

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Right from the start of the season, Colton from The Bachelorette has made a name for himself — not only for previously dating Olympic athlete Aly Raisman, but also for having a brief fling with former Bachelor contestant Tia Booth. However, putting aside his somewhat complicated dating history, Colton's Instagram reveals that the Bachelorette contestant is so much more than his romantic trysts.

As soon as he stepped out of that limo it became clear that Becca was smitten with this particular suitor. In fact, the Bachelorette herself admitted to Colton during the second week that she felt a real connection with him, which is why she was so upset to learn that he had previously been interested in Tia, who has been Becca's friend since the two competed together in Arie's season of The Bachelor. Becca worried that Colton had hoped Tia would be the Bachelorette instead of her, and if that was the case, how could she be sure of his intentions? Becca's hesitation is completely understandable, but Colton's Instagram, at least, paints the picture of a genuine, down-to-earth guy.

In fact, Colton is one of Chris Harrison's top five picks for this Bachelorette season, according to People. "He’s very kind, the kind of guy who would never hurt a fly. He’s the kind of guy who would take care of her," Harrison told the outlet, though he also revealed that Colton "definitely has a secret in his past that could potentially be a big roadblock and a big obstacle for Becca." So far it remains to be seen if Becca will be able to look past Colton's past relationships and see something real in their future together, but in the meantime, here's what his Instagram can tell us about this former NFL player...

1. He Loves His Momma

Colton's account is filled with photos of — and praise for — Colton's mom, which is not only adorable, but also a useful glimpse into how he treats the important women in his life.

2. He Has A Soft Spot For Canines

Most images on Colton's social media accounts feature him posing with an adorable dog, especially his own. This guy definitely has a soft spot for animals.

3. He's Great With Kids

Even by Bachelorette standards, it may be a too soon for Colton and Becca to have a conversation about kids, but if these photos are any indication, Colton is great with them.

4. He Can Appreciate A Great View

And so can we.

5. He Loves The Great Outdoors

Whether it involves playing golf, skiing, or simply taking his dog for a walk, Colton loves getting out in nature.

6. He Has Experience With Roses

There's no denying that's a good look on him.

7. He Loves Being Goofy

Which can be just as sexy as any shirtless pic IMO.

8. He Stands Up For What He Believes In

As he highlighted during his introduction package on The Bachelorette, Colton created the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, which helps fund Cystic Fibrosis research and, per the website, "provides equipment and resources for people of all ages living with Cystic Fibrosis." The charity has proven to be particularly important to Colton because his young cousin, Harper, has the disease, as he mentioned during the premiere.

9. Dude Knows How To Ride A Horse

Is there any animal this guy doesn't love? (Not a complaint.)

10. He's Family Oriented

His mother and Harper aren't the only members of Colton's family to be featured on his Instagram. Can't you just feel the brotherly love?

11. He's Always Been Ridiculously Cute

It's hard to say what's more adorable — the bow tie or the suspenders.

From his Instagram account, it's clear that no matter how much focus The Bachelorette has put on his romantic life, Colton's life and interests extend beyond the women he's dated. It remains to be seen whether that will be enough for Becca will keep him around.