11 Things Sex Therapists Say Couples Struggle With The Most In Bed

Ashley Batz/Bustle

There are weeks like you feel like you’re meeting every deadline with ease and impressing your boss with your stellar work ethic and brilliance and then there are weeks that can be described as a professional faceplant. Or, there are the days when you and your bestie are vibing and then nights when you get into a tipsy fight over something silly, like who is going to call the Uber. Ebbs and flows are a natural, normal part of life, but when you happen to have what feels like a downward spiral in your sex life, you might raise a question of worry.

Especially for those couples who have been having sex for several years, figuring out how to maintain your level of intimacy, your desire for one another and a hot sex life is a big responsibility. And while it definitely takes two to tango, sometimes you might need a third. Nope, not a threesome (unless that’s what you want) but rather, a professional who specializes in sexual advice and therapy and can guide you through improving your relationship. These experts have likely heard and seen it all, so what you think is abnormal, is probably just another day in the office for them.

Here, they share what most couples struggle with in the bedroom: