11 Things That Only Seem Like They're From The '90s


Looking back on the '90s, the decade looms large in our mind's eye. We tend to romanticize everything about it and, hey, I'll be the first to admit we '90s kids sometimes get a little carried about with attribution. In reality, there are lots o' things that only seem like they're from the '90s, but actually aren't — yet we still lay claim to them. Or, you know, honestly believe they must be from that beloved decade.

If you're an older Millennial like I am, the lines get really blurry. You were born in the '80s, grew up in the '90s, and were a teen in the '00s, so it's easy to mix up memories from all three time periods. It all just kind of blends together into the great big nostalgic ball that is your childhood. It's no surprise then there are quite a few things from the '80s that the '90s get credit for. The '80s aren't the only decade getting robbed of their due credit, though — the '70s, the early '00s... even the '60s get credit snatched by the '90s.

And while we can't change people's perception of the past, we're at least willing to make restitution by setting the record straight about some of the things you only think are from the '90s.


Slap Bracelets

Remember how much trouble you used to get in for playing with your slap bracelet during class? Well, here's some irony for you: the "Slap Wrap," as it is called, " was invented by a teacher in the late '80s.


Lisa Frank

Get ready to set your rainbow sparkly, fluorescent '90s heart aglow! Not endemic to our decade, the Lisa Frank line of products was actually introduced in 1979 by, you know, Lisa Frank. She was 24 at the time.


Troll Dolls

Yes, we adored those bejewel-bellied cutie-pies with the wild hair. You know who else probably did? Our parents. Trolls originally hit stores in 1959 and became a super-fad in the '60s.


Floppy Disks

Talk about a throwback! Not only were floppy disks not introduced in the '90s (no matter how much we wax poetic about them), they weren't even close to being new during our decade. In reality , they were developed in the late '60s.


'Supermarket Sweep'

If you didn't secretly dream of going on Supermarket Sweep (and winning, naturally), then you weren't really living, my friend. Want to know when the original show was broadcast? Prepare yourself: 1965.


Ring Pops

Who among us didn't sport these sugary sparklers on our fingers in seemingly constant rotation growing up? We can't lay claim to them, though — they were invented in 1979.



We '90s kids may forever be ridiculed for our addiction to these poofy elastic hair ties. However, it is thought they originated with the Scunci, which was patented in 1986 and sold in 1989.


'The Jimmy Neutron Movie'

Sorry to burst your intergalactic bubble, guys . . . but, no matter how much our memories insist otherwise, The Jimmy Neutron Movie debuted in theaters in 2001.


Mr. Sketch Markers

Ah, I can practically smell the cherry-scented marker tips now! One whiff of these classic writing utensils takes me right back to middle school, but it probably has the same effect on prior generations — these fragrant fellows first hit the market in 1965.


Ouija Boards

Here's a little known fact: although '90s kids often dabbled with the occult by communing with Ouija Board spirits, this supernatural plank was actually introduced by a businessman waaaaaay back in 1890.


'The Baby-Sitters Club'

Sure, the short-lived TV series and the film came to fruition in the '90s, but the book series we all grew up reading (Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey were legit my imaginary BFFs) actually kicked off in the '80s.