11 TV Show Remakes We Desperately Need

There is no shortage of reboots or remakes on TV these days, but that doesn't mean there aren't still some TV show remakes the world desperately needs. Passionate fans will happily tell you that not all reboots are created equal, and not all remakes are necessary. On the other hand, sometimes putting a new spin on a classic works out beautifully (looking at you Fuller House). Some shows simply deserve to be enjoyed by every generation — and if they can get a more inclusive update while they're at it, then all the better.

At last count, TVLine reported that there are roughly 107 reboots and revivals in the works, and, yes, that number is staggering. While not all of those shows sound promising, some of them — like the dark Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot and the more inclusive Party of Five — could be TV's next big hit if they're executed properly. Despite the sheer amount of reboots already in the development pipeline, Hollywood needs to make room for a few more, because there are at least 11 shows that need a remake ASAP.

Just to be clear, the need for these series to be remade isn't about ignoring the original's greatness, it's about taking amazing ideas and putting them back into play in the modern TV landscape. From Are You Afraid of the Dark? to Girlfriends, these are the shows Hollywood needs to remake next.

1. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Horror and anthology shows are everywhere these days, but there isn't an episodic horror series aimed at tweens to be found. Are You Afraid of the Dark's flexible style, creepy stories, and midnight campfire meetings terrified and delighted '90s kids. Now it's time for a new Midnight Society to pick up where the old gang left off in order to scare a new generation of children.

2. The Facts Of Life

This '80s sitcom was unafraid to tackle social issues, and it featured an all-female lead cast. It was groundbreaking at the time, and it could be even more daring now. Imagine a series with four young women who attend an all-girls school at its center, anchored by a cool and confident housemother (paging Mindy Kaling) who doles out advice while still doing her own thing. Come on, you know you would be there for that.

3. Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena is an absolute icon, and Lucy Lawless may very well be irreplaceable. However, seeing an updated take on Xena: Warrior Princess that could 100 percent embrace the love story between Xena and Gabrielle right from the start would be must see TV.

4. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Look, Will Smith has volunteered to play Uncle Phil in a reboot, and that's something the world needs. It could be a true full circle moment, and give a modern young star a comedy vehicle to kickstart their acting career, just as Fresh Prince did for Smith all those years ago.

5. So Weird

So Weird isn't a huge show, but the Disney Channel paranormal drama attracted a passionate fanbase that is still around on the internet today. Fiona Phillips' journey never had a proper conclusion, and the idea of her character getting one via a reboot of this fun, monster of the week show is exciting.

6. Lost

In the words of Jack Shephard, "We have to go back!" Lost was a unique show with a divisive ending, and that's exactly why someone needs to chart another course to the island. The show's strange setting was overflowing with backstory, which means there are plenty of ways a return to Lost could ultimately be something entirely new.

7. Veronica Mars

OK, this might sound like blasphemy, but doesn't the TV landscape need another teenage private eye with Veronica's wit? Kristen Bell is a little bit busy with The Good Place these days, so a complete reboot would probably be for the best, and it would allow the noir series to maintain its high school setting.

8. Bewitched

Samantha is past due for a modern update. She was already an amazing character in the '60s, can you imagine what the witch married to a mortal would be like now?

9. Wishbone

Two seasons of Wishbone simply wasn't enough. There are still countless classic novels in need of a good retelling featuring an imaginative Jack Russell Terrier.

10. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman

Sure, there's already an abundance of superhero shows on TV, but Lois and Clark was a superhero romance show. And it emphasized the cool, journalistic work that its heroes did over the caped-crusader business. Seeing that side of Superman again would be an absolute treat.

11. Girlfriends

It's time to get Joan, Maya, Lynn, and Toni back together. This amazing, funny, and feminist group of friends were on the air for eight seasons, but that doesn't mean they don't still have plenty of stories to tell. It's time to give this classic comedy the reboot treatment.

Since Hollywood's appetite for reboots won't be slowing down anytime soon, these shows need to be next on the menu.