11 Valentine's Day Tutorials That Break The Mold

by Summer Arlexis

Whether a romantic getaway with your beaux or a Galentine's night out with your best girls is in your near future, a steamy Valentine's Day makeup look may be essential to your night.

If there's any holiday loaded with clichés, it's V-Day. Cheesy rhyming poetry, dozens of red roses, and heart shaped chocolates are a given. Be sure to add red lipstick to the list too because there are more ruby pouts than ever before when Cupid is making his rounds. There's definitely nothing wrong with breaking out classic red lipstick when Valentine's Day rolls around. After all, a bold, fiery pout makes a powerful statement on any given day. But any makeup lover knows there's more to a stunning Feb. 14 aesthetic than red lipstick.

There's no strict set of guidelines to nail Valentine's Day makeup. Super sultry eyes are always welcome, but "no makeup" makeup is just as perfect. No matter your preferences, there are always options for romantic makeup sans red lipstick. Check out these 11 tutorials on Valentine's Day faces for inspo that feature lippies of all shades.

1. Peachy Keen

Play up peachy tones for Valentine's makeup that not to over-the-top. Carli Bybel's tutorial shows you how to pair muted oranges and neutral peaches together for a soft glam look.

2. Pastel Unicorn

Calling all unicorn lovers! Vivalapinkposh's Valentine's Day how-to combines pale hues for an adorably magical makeup aesthetic. There's no need for red shades when you could be whipping up a whimsical masterpiece like this.

3. Glitter Glam

Leave it to top influencer Jaclyn Hill to come up with flirty glitter makeup that's too dreamy not to copy. Complete with a rosy contour and soft pink lips, this look is perfect for a romantic rendezvous.

4. Mauve Smoke

Blogger Melly Sanchez shows subscribers how to get monochromatic Valentine's Day makeup in a tutorial loaded with mauve tones. Smoked out color on the eyes makes for a sultry look that's sure to kill on date night.

5. Smoked Out

Speaking of sultry eyes, Amanda Ensing's tutorial gets dramatic with matte black shadow blended to perfection. If there's one thing you can't go wrong with on this day of love, it's a smokey eye.

6. Daytime Simple

When dramatic makeup isn't exactly your forte, there's always a toned down aesthetic, perfect for a day time outing. In her simple makeup tutorial, DestinyLashaeMakeup pairs a subtle lip color, soft contouring, and wispy lashes for flirty makeup.

7. Ulta Glam

Then there are the boldly beautiful Valentine's Day looks made for a true diva. Beauty guru PatrickStarrr nails glamorous eyes and a lustful pout without the slightest hint of red.

8. Natural Makeup

Eliminating the typical red lippie is the first step to achieving a "no makeup" makeup V-Day aesthetic. Irishcel507's simple makeup tutorial keeps things neutral for a look that'll play off of your natural beauty.

9. Bold

There's no better way to go anti-red lipstick than with a bright, non-traditional lip color. Elinpapi4baby's how-to chooses a deep magenta color scheme on the eyes and a pastel mint green lippie for a Valentine's Day look that's wildly romantic.

10. Red Smokey Eye

If you can't seem to completely eliminate red from your V-Day routine, YouTuber Kayla Hagey has the perfect solution. Take the ruby hues from your lips and onto your eyes to switch things up in a major way.

11. Rhinestone Magic

Packing your lids with bling is a surefire way to stand out in the sea of Valentine's Day red. BeatFaceHoney's eye makeup puts a a handful of rhinestones to good use for a ritzy lid.

Putting your best face forward this Valentine's Day will be a piece of cake with the right tutorial to back you up. Just remember a red lipstick isn't necessary to spread the V-Day magic, although there's no judgement if it's totally your color.

Image: Elinpapi4baby/YouTube