11 'Veronica Mars' Things Only True Marshmallows Will Understand

Listen up, Marshmallows, it's time to put down the telephoto lens and gather round, because you're about to enter into a very safe and fun space. If you were lucky enough to be a fan of Veronica Mars, then you know all too well how fleeting a love affair with a television show can be. The smart, funny, and endlessly intriguing show was only on the air for a short three seasons, just long enough to establish a handful of Veronica Mars phrases only fans will understand, adding hilarious new meanings to otherwise common words.

Fans of Veronica Mars have a special understanding that extends beyond a shared love of leather jackets and sarcasm. Just as the show gave new meaning to after-school jobs (one woman's babysitting gig is another woman's private detective work), it also gave some new definitions to already known phrases, creating a new inside language only for those in the know.

Granted, Veronica Mars wasn't full of inside words and phrases. Veronica herself preferred to stick within the realm of sarcastic, pop-culture-filled quips than venture off into making up her own language. However, there are a few Veronica Mars phrases only fans will really understand, and that's good enough for Marshmallows everywhere.


"You're A Marshmallow"

For non-Veronica Mars watching peasants, a marshmallow is a fluffy, sugary treat, commonly found in hot chocolate and on top of sundaes. But fans of the show know that a marshmallow in the wild is really a Veronica Mars fan. In the show, Veronica's tough exterior is often revealed to be a cover for a soft, smushy inside, causing her friends to call her a marshmallow, and fans have taken that label and turned it into a badge of pride.


"I Thought Our Story Was Epic"

Calling anything "epic" is pretty standard in millennial speak, but it holds a special romance for fans of Veronica Mars thanks to the lovable bad boy Logan. Logan gave one of the most iconic declarations to teenage love ever on television when he told Veronica that he always thought of their relationship as "epic," complete with "lives ruined, bloodshed."


"Take Backup"

One might think that when a teenage private eye assures her father that she'll bring backup on a stakeout, she means another human, but in Veronica Mars speak, backup really just means a menacing looking, but deeply loving, dog.



In the fictional town of Neptune, California, popular kids aren't just popular, they are rich. So rich, in fact, that they're not even called the popular kids, they're called the "09ers," as in "The 09ers want the prom theme to be Diamonds."



Another social group in Veronica Mars world, the PCHers were a gang of motorcycle riders from the wrong side of the tracks in Neptune, who, you guessed it, liked to ride up and down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).



LoVe is the ship name for Logan and Veronica (it combines the first to letters of both of their names), and it's perfect.


"Favors For Friends"

For anyone who doesn't watch Veronica Mars, doing a favor for a friend means giving them a ride to the airport or picking up their dry cleaning, but Veronica Mars fans know that when a friend asks you for a favor, it means you're about to spend a late night Facebook or Instagram stalking their crush or sketchy ex.


"A Trip To The Dentist"

A trip to the dentist sounds innocent enough, but in Veronica Mars world, it has pretty awful consequences. Towards the end of Season 1, Veronica learns that she was dosed with GHB at a party because the intended target of the drug, Madison, gave her a "trip to the dentist." It's what Madison does when she doesn't like someone: she spits in a drink and gives it to them. Not cool, Madison, not cool.


"Who Killed Lilly Kane?"

All of Season 1 revolved around the mystery of who killed Lilly Kane. As played by Amanda Seyfried, Lilly Kane was a free-spirited, rich teen whose murder was the beginning of the end for Veronica's life as one of Neptune's popular girls. For any V Mars fan, the name Lilly Kane sparks instant recognition.


"You Should Only Wear This"

If you've seen the Veronica Mars movie (and what self-respecting fan hasn't?), then "You should only wear this," is pretty much the most romantic thing you've ever heard.


"Did You Just Call Me Lady?"

Veronica Mars was never one to take sexist condescension. Her response to a dude calling her "lady"? A nice flash of the taser. Gets 'em every time.

Spread the knowledge, use these phrases, and be the Veronica Mars you wish to see in the world.