9 Reasons To Be On 'Veronica Mars' Team Piz That Even Logan Fans Can't Deny

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Veronica Mars is a complicated woman. A working private investigator who solved her best friend's murder before her senior year in high school, a sexual abuse survivor ostracized and slut-shamed, and a regular girl looking for love. In the fictional town of Neptune, California, Veronica went through more than her fair share of drama on Veronica Mars, and most fans agree that by the end of the series' three season run, what Veronica really deserved was a happy ending. That's just one of the many reasons to be on Veronica Mars' Team Piz.

Stosh "Piz" Piznarski joined Veronica Mars in Season 3, and he fell fast and hard with our heroine. Always smiling and shockingly drama-free, Piz was so charming, even Marshmallows who had shipped Logan and Veronica (LoVe) for years weren't immune. Granted, they changed their tune once Veronica and Logan broke up and Piz got his chance, but even LoVe fans had to admit that Piz was deserving of dating Veronica Mars.

Throughout their relationship, Piz was sweet, caring, understanding, and, most importantly, willing to go along with whatever schemes Veronica had going on. So, when the Veronica Mars movie picked up the story in 2014, it made sense that adult Veronica would be in a relationship with Piz. Spoiler alert: things didn't end up that great for the Piz. But even though it might not be canon anymore, Team Piz is still going strong, and here's why.


He's An Excellent Dancer

Piz has many skills, but chief among them is his dancing ability. Briefly showed off in Season 3 at a frat party and then displayed again in Veronica Mars the movie, Piz's dancing skills are second to none. If Veronica ever had a bad day, all she had to do was put on some music and watch it melt away to the beat of Piz's jumping.


He's Loyal

Piz didn't have much time to really be put to the test as far as his relationship with Veronica is concerned, but it's not a stretch to say that he would never, ever betray her, not if he could help it. Piz is a loyal guy, and he would have been loyal to Veronica until the end. (He also somehow made this haircut work, so, major points for that.)


He Hasn't Slept With Any Of Veronica's Friends

Piz is the most baggage-free man Veronica has ever dated, and a large part of that is the fact that he hasn't slept with half of Neptune, including all of Veronica's friends. Sorry, Logan, but you've got a lot of explaining to do.


He's Never Been Accused Of Murder

Piz has never been accused of murder, and I like to think that's how Veronica would prefer her men: free of any murderous tendencies.


He's Passionate

When we first meet Piz, he's a radio DJ and a lover of music. Years later in the film, he's actually made a career in radio. He managed to turn his passion into a career, which shows perseverance and the ability to go after a goal. Logan, on the other hand, was always kind of aimless, a quality that doesn't exactly gel well with Veronica's driven personality.


He's A Lover, Not A Fighter

Piz literally tells Veronica in Season 3 that he's a lover, not a fighter, and it's true. Despite getting into a few fistfights (thanks Logan), Piz is really a peaceful man at heart. Again, this is a good quality for a potential partner, especially if you, like Veronica, carry a taser in your purse.


He's Not From Neptune

Remember how Piz has no baggage? Well, he's got his parents to thank for that. As a later addition to the Veronica Mars cast, Piz doesn't come from Neptune, which means he missed all the drama of high school. Sometimes it's good to have a significant other who doesn't remember that time you became a social pariah, or, you know, who never tortured you in high school.


He's In Touch With His Feelings

Piz never really bought into the whole macho man thing, he's more of a sensitive soul, and he embraces it. Veronica can sometimes have a hard time expressing her own feelings and needs, so being with someone who is a little more open about his feelings is a good way to get her talking.


He Makes Veronica Happy

Yes, Veronica and Logan are epic, but they are also broody and miserable half the time. Piz always knows how to make Veronica smile, and he's never going to bring her down with his bad moods. Happiness is infectious, and Piz is happy like, 90 percent of the time.


Bonus: That Chemistry Though

Marshmallows, if you have never seen this interview of actors Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell, you are in for a treat. The chemistry here is undeniable.

Team Piz, we may not have won the war, but at least we can find comfort in the fact that Piz is a total catch, and he always will be — as long as he doesn't commit any murders.