11 Ways D.J. Tanner Changed From The 'Full House' Pilot To 'Fuller House'

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What ever happened to predictability? I don't know, but it was up to your favorite sitcom from the '90s, it probably wouldn't have gone anywhere. However, the characters and setting of Full House did undergo some changes to become Fuller House. And hey, they were necessary. It's been decades since the show first aired. We can't expect everything to stay the same. Especially when it comes to Fuller House's head of household, D.J. Tanner. Seriously, D.J. has changed so much since the Full House pilot.

But, of course, so have other aspects of the show. Everywhere you look, things have been given an update. The house has been improved and redecorated. Michelle's missing. (Still bummed about that.) Everyone's older, of course, which means that they've all matured and gone down different paths, experienced new things, and lived separate lives. With a different setting and different people around her, it only seems right for D.J. Tanner to also be different.

She's all grown up. She has her own family now and is the mother of three children. At 10 years old, D.J. Tanner was just a baby in the Full House pilot. Her character was vastly different than the D.J. Tanner we know now. For instance:

1. Her Hair Was So Long (& So '90s)

It's a minor change, but those lustrous locks. Those bangs. That half up pony. It was so '90s.

2. She Was Pretty Quiet

She doesn't have that many lines in the pilot, and, even when she speaks, it sounds so tiny. In Fuller House, D.J. Tanner definitely has more of a presence.

3. All Of Her Teeth Weren't Even In Yet

Just to give you a sense of how young D.J. was, when Uncle Jesse first walked in, he asked her, "That tooth come in yet?"

4. She Was Infatuated With Uncle Jesse

Before he moved in, Uncle Jesse was a novelty. D.J. was really excited to see him when he first came through that door. After all this time, said novelty has worn off a bit.

5. She Wasn't That Into Uncle Joey

She's a bit embarrassed by him at first. Now it seems like she's embraced his corniness.

6. She Wasn't The Head of the Household

I mean, duh. She was a child. There's a huge difference between the power D.J. has in the Full House pilot and the power she has in Fuller House. Let's just say that, in Fuller House, if D.J. wanted her own room, she would get her own room.

7. She Didn't Let Stephanie Touch Her Stuff

When the two moved into the same bedroom, this was "rule number one" for D.J. Now they are in close quarters again, and she's a lot more forgiving.

8. She Actually Wasn't That Nice To Stephanie At All

D.J. very adamantly declares that Stephanie is not allowed on her side of the room, and, to get out of the room, she'll have to go out the window. Harsh move, Deej. She wouldn't do that now.

9. She Was Not Optimistic About The Future

"This is a nightmare!" D.J. declares after Joey pretends to do the limbo in front of her. She's definitely less pessimistic in Fuller House.

10. She Wanted To Live In The Garage

Typical defiance from a 10-year-old, but certainly not a move that the current D.J. Tanner would pull.

11. The Pilot Wasn't Really About Her

I mean, she was in it, obviously, but it wasn't her story. It was Danny's. Now, years later, it's time for D.J. to get more of the spotlight.

D.J. Tanner, you've come a long way.