11 Wedding Dresses With Straps

If you're planning a wedding, there are many things that are probably giving you nightmares right now, including but not limited to: Being naked as you walk down the aisle, your teeth falling out, or getting the words wrong during the ceremony. Wedding dresses with straps will give you one less thing to worry about and put your mind at ease about any possible cleavage mishaps that might've occurred without them.

There's no denying that strapless dresses are beautiful, but IMO, they are risky. As a small chested gal who's getting married this year, I knew right off the bat that I would never pick a strapless wedding dress, due to the fact that my petite cleavage literally wouldn't be able to keep it up. On the other hand, ladies with large boobs may have the challenge of keeping their girls in their dress, without popping out for the entire congregation to see.

Aside from the potential busty mayhem that could ensue with a strapless dress, there's also the issue of comfort to contemplate. Do you really want to spend the whole day yanking up your dress? Even if you feel comfy for the most part, you won't look it if you're constantly tugging at it. It's also wise to remember that a strapless dress has to be fastened pretty tight in order to stay put.

So here's an array of wedding dresses with straps if comfort is as important to you as looking gorgeous.

1. The Plunging Maxi

Asos Bridal Paneled Bodice Plunge Maxi Dress, $181,

A simple silhouette is given a modern spin with a plunging neckline and a subtly panelled bodice.

2. The Lacy Straps

Bridal White Lace Criss Cross Bodice Maxi Dress, $240,

Demure lace straps balance out a sumptuous, low cut back.

3. The Princess Dress

Style Boscoe, Price On Appointment At Your Nearest Stockist See:

A traditional princess style dress will make you feel like royalty.

4. The Short & Sweet One

Display It With Sweets Lace Dress In Ivory, $125,

Brides having a casual celebration will look the part in this sweet, strappy dress.

5. The Delicate Straps

Cassia Gown, $1,150,

Ladies who love the look of a strapless gown but want the support of straps are on to a winner with this wedding dress featuring barely there straps.

6. The Embellished Straps

Crystal Beaded Edging Meets Embroidered Lace On Tulle With Scalloped Hemline Plus Size Morilee Bridal Wedding Dress, Price On Appointment At Your Nearest Stockist See:

Embellished straps and a mermaid skirt are the perfect pairing for glam brides-to-be.

7. The Off-The-Shoulder Style

Poppy Dress, $388,

Fancy an off-the-shoulder dress, but don't want to risk your gown falling down? This lovely number has got you covered.

8. The Frill Seeker

Bridal White Frill Detail Maxi Dress, $190,

Feminine and flirty, this wedding dress is for all the playful brides out there.

9. The Luxe Dress

Eliana Dress, $598,

A decadent thigh high split and a vintage vibe make this dress ideal for any aspiring old Hollywood style starlets.

10. The Embellished Maxi

Asos Curve Bridal Cami Embellished Maxi Dress, $271,

This classic maxi is given an opulent makeover with all-over embellishment.

11. The Classy Wiggle Dress

Voodoo Vixen 1950s Style White Sparkle Devina Wiggle Dress, $70,

Make a nod to another era in this simply stunning wiggle dress that's perfect for the minimalist bride.

Don't spend your big day worrying about your dress falling down, pick a gorgeous gown with straps to give yourself one less thing to worry about and enjoy your wedding day to the full!

Images: Courtesy Brands