11 Wintry Books That Aren’t Christmas-Specific

Winter is a great season for reading. It's the time of year when everyone comes together to eat and celebrate, sure, but it's also a prime time to cancel plans and snuggle under blankets by the radiator with a good book and a mug of the hot liquid of your choosing. But many (if not most) wintry books tend to also be heavy on the holly-jolly vibes. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and most of its associated nonsense, like all those books and Hallmark movies where a curmudgeon learns the true meaning of the holiday by way of falling for a sexy baker/visitation by three spirits.

Maybe you don't love Christmas, though. Or maybe you just don't celebrate it. Or maybe you're more than a little sick of having Christmas shoved down your throat every time you walk into a drug store/supermarket/office/lobby/website/etc. Don't worry: you can still feel festive and have your wintry reading without the reindeer and the indoor pine trees. There are plenty of winter-related books out there that don't include Christmas at all, or that relegate the holiday to a fairly minor background event. Here are a few great winter reads that aren't Christmas-specific: