The 11 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Streaming *Right Now*

No one does holiday movies quite like the Hallmark Channel. The charming small towns, the meet-cutes, the endless supply of fresh baked cookies — watching one of their Christmas movies is like getting a maximum dose of holiday happiness. In this age of cord-cutting, not everyone has access to the channel though, but thankfully, many of the best Hallmark Christmas movies are streaming. That means you're always just minutes away from watching a picture-perfect holiday romance unfold.

Streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix have plenty of Hallmark Christmas movies stashed away in their libraries — you just have to know where to look — and if all else fails, then this is the perfect time of year to give Hallmark Movies Now a try. Quantity really isn't the issue though, you don't want to waste precious holiday time on an original movie that's just OK; you want to watch the best Hallmark Christmas movies the streaming sites have to offer. In order to save you time — because everyone needs all the help they can get on that front during the holiday season — this list cuts through the clutter and focuses on the movies guaranteed to leave you feeling like you just tossed back the best hot chocolate of your life.

These Hallmark Christmas movies will give you a serious case of the holiday feels in no time — and best of all, they're just a few clicks away.

1. The Spirit Of Christmas (Hulu/Netflix)

This true Christmas masterpiece has it all — a woman working against a deadline to get her dream job, a stunning mansion just waiting for its halls to be decked, and a sexy ghost. OK, maybe that last one is unique to this movie, but the unconventional twist of having the love interest not be among the living is what makes The Spirit of Christmas so special.

2. Broadcasting Christmas (Hallmark Movies Now)

Two '90s icons star in Broadcasting Christmas — Dean Cain and Melissa Joan Hart — and they play news anchors (and exes) who are competing for the same job. There's banter, there's sparks, and yes, there's holiday magic.

3. A Cinderella Christmas (Hulu)

Angie works for her cousin Candace, who is the actual worst, but when a face treatment goes wrong, Angie finds herself appearing at a ball in her cousin's stead. You can probably imagine what happens next, and you're right, it's perfect.

4. The March Sisters At Christmas (Hulu)

Finally, a version of Little Women where Beth doesn't die. That alone should be enough to sell you on this movie, but just in case it's not, just know that it's the perfect mix of the classic with a few modern twists thrown in for good measure.

5. Naughty & Nice (Hallmark Movies Now)

A troubled DJ finds himself transferred to a small town just in time for Christmas. Luckily, Haylie Duff is the local radio personality who's ready to show him the value of not being famous for being a jerk.

6. A Puppy For Christmas (Hulu)

Her whole life, all Noelle wanted for Christmas was a puppy. When she gets herself one, her boyfriend turns out not to be a dog fan, so he dumps her. Joke's on him though, because it's not long before a dog-loving cowboy sweeps Noelle off her feet.

7. Married By Christmas (Hulu)

Two sisters are bound by a ridiculous stipulation in their mom's will — the family business will go to the husband of the sister who gets married first. The sister who poured her heart and soul into the company is understandably not OK with this, so she sets out to find a husband to marry before Christmas in order to stop a random guy from inheriting the business she's worked so hard for.

8. My Santa (Hulu)

Think of this movie as proof that The O.C.'s Samaire Armstrong should have more leading roles. She's utterly charming as a single mom who falls for the son of Santa Claus. She and Matthew Lawrence sell the wacky premise on the strength of their chemistry alone.

9. Christmas In The Smokies (Netflix)

Small town Christmases are the best kind, and Christmas in the Smokies just reaffirms that truth. A confident woman works to keep her family's berry farm alive, while also dealing with the reappearance of the country star who broke her heart. Yes, this movie will induce swooning, so be prepared.

10. One Christmas Eve (Hallmark Movies Now)

A mischievous pup brings together an entire town just in time for Christmas. And it's so adorable that you might just cry.

11. Christmas In Conway (Hallmark Movies Now)

A pre-This Is Us Mandy Moore stars in Christmas in Conway, which is a surprisingly emotional film about a man doing his best to give his ailing wife the perfect Christmas gift. The romance will make your heart ache, while the holiday vibes are just right.

Get to streaming, Hallmark fans, because these holiday movies are just waiting to make your Christmas season one full of romance and perfectly decorated trees.