11 Women Reveal Their Worst Negging Stories

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Negging has to be one of the lowest forms of communication — and one of the most manipulative ways of trying to attract someone. If you're not familiar with negging as a dating technique, it's essentially giving someone a negative jab to make them feel insecure and, therefore, more grateful for your attention. It might have a backhanded complimented tied in, like: "Wow, you're really brave to wear a shirt like that." Negging came from a controversial dating handbook for men called The Game — and has been messing with people ever since.

"[Negging] is a harmful way to treat another person because it demonstrates a contempt for the other person and their feelings," Christine Baumgartner, dating/relationship coach at The Perfect Catch, tells Bustle. "It is dismissive and degrading to the other person and can eventually undermine their self-confidence. Usually the person doing the negging is insecure in their ability to attract [someone] without putting them down. They also don’t feel ‘good enough’ on their own: they need to put other people down in order to feel better about themselves."

It's ridiculous, but it happens all the time. In fact, a recent AskReddit thread had users sharing their negging stories. Here are some of the worst negs, because some people just want to watch the world burn.


This Unnecessary Commentary

That's either the worst neg ever or a very open admittance of a preference, but either way just STFU.


This Faux Surprise

Acting surprised that a woman is smart? That's sure to work for you every time, right?


This Attempt To Stir Up The Competition

It's extra fun when they combine negging with competition and compare you to your friends — they definitely know the way to a girl's heart.


This Desperate Ploy

That's a lot of time to spend with a woman who has no personality, just saying.


This (Lack Of) Love At First Sight


This Total Trainwreck

I don't know if this is negging or just a straight-up jerk, to be honest. Either way, it definitely seems like a bullet dodged.


This Arrogannce

You know that a sentence that includes "I actually really like your body" is going to be straight trash. Every. Single. Time.


This Condescending Nonsense

IS IT BECAUSE YOU THINK I'M MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN YOU. That's it. This wins the Garbage Can On Fire award that I just made up for the biggest garbage can fire.


This Way Too Specific Attempt

Wow, you got her there, dude.


This Series Of Failure

So many terrible, terrible options there. There may be fish in the sea, but there is also a lot of trash.


This Rivalry Gone Wrong

Wow. Just... wow.

Negging may be the lowest form of communication out there, but it's amazing — and infuriating — to see how much it's still happening.