Follow These ‘Bachelor’ Nation Alums For The Best Insider Takes On Colton’s Season

ABC/Paul Hebert

Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor is just getting started, which means we're still dealing with beauty queen drama, 23-year-old versus 31-year-old drama, and "can I steal you for a sec" drama. And if you're someone who likes to see what other people think of everything that's going on, there are some Bachelor alums you should follow on Twitter for their episode commentary. After all, taking some Twitter breaks during the show can really help keep you in a good headspace when you've heard one too many 27-plus-year-old women referred to as "cougars".

Following other fans of the show and browsing #TheBachelor hashtag is great, but it's also entertaining to see what alums from the various shows in the franchise think. They have firsthand knowledge of how things really go down and some of them are pretty funny.

Now this season, there aren't as many Bachelor/ette alums live tweeting as there have been in the past. Some of them have their own recaps they're writing or podcasts about the show, so they're keeping quieter on Twitter. Some are just tweeting about football these days. And a surprising amount seemed to have stopped using Twitter altogether. If you're interested in some you can follow for their takes on Colton's season, though, look no further than these 12:

1. Ashley Spivey

Ashley was on Season 15 of The Bachelor with Brad Womack back in 2011, but now she's much better known for her tweets. She has become a Bachelor activist of sorts, including calling out the show for its unacceptable casting decisions. Her tweets range from serious ones to lighter ones about things like holding hands while riding horses.

2. Diggy Moreland

Diggy, from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise 4, posts a lot of tweets during each episode. If you follow him, you'll get a ton of jokes throughout the night.

3. Kristina Schulman

Kristina won everyone over on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, and then ended up in that crappy love triangle on BiP. Now, she's tweeting about which contestants from Colton's season she wants to see in Paradise.

4. Evan Bass

He's one half of a very successful Bachelor franchise couple, and he's always down for some very relatable live tweeting

5. Kaitlyn Bristowe

The 11th Bachelorette's tweets about Colton's season are full of jokes and telling it like it is. Fans would expect nothing else.

6. Ali Fedotowsky

So far, Ali hasn't tweeted a ton about Colton's season, but she should keep it up. She has thoughts on how the show works, including women succumbing to the pressure and who might be the next Bachelorette based on their amount of screen time.

7. Alexis Waters

Alexis "Shark Girl" Waters is tweeting about The Bachelor when she's not tweeting about hoop earrings or Chrissy Teigen.

8. Bekah Martinez

Bekah tweeted a ton about the season premiere and then just kind of stopped. Come back, Bekah! Unless it's because you're giving birth. (Her baby was due in January.)

9. Angela Amezcua

Angela is from is from Nick's Bachelor season, Season 5 of BiP, and is currently dating Clay Harbor from Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette. She's also tweeting about this season of the show, including sharing this rule about sunglasses.

10. Carly Waddell

OK, so Carly hasn't posted much at all this season, but she should. Evan, convince her!

11. Sean Lowe

Sean hasn't really been tweeting about this season specifically, but he does tweet a bunch of jokes about The Bachelor experience overall and his marriage that can really keep things in perspective while watching Colton's ~journey~.

12. Colton Underwood

He's not an alum exactly, but Colton is live tweeting his own season with some silly commentary, adding some context for everything that's going on.

See, there's no need to watch The Bachelor alone. It's too hard, and there are plenty of show alums who are willing to support you through your reality TV viewing process.