Wells Adams' 'Bachelor' Predictions About Demi Will Definitely Upset Some Fans

ABC/Aaron Poole

Nice girls finish last, which might explain Wells Adams' prediction for who could end up getting Colton's final rose. In a recent interview, Adams said that he thinks Bachelor villain Demi will make it to the finale, but he's not convinced she's as bad as Bachelor Nation thinks she is.

Adams told Entertainment Tonight that the 23-year-old Texas native who quickly earned the title of Season 23's villain broke the "cardinal rule of The Bachelor." Regular viewers might think there aren't a ton of rules on The Bachelor that contestants haven't broken before, but it turns out, there's one that is a universal no-no. "You're not supposed to make out with the lead in front of everybody else," Adams said, referring to Demi's make-out with Colton on the group date. "You're going to make it weird for everybody else."

Still, he thinks that she could make it far with Colton, despite her rule-breaking. "Demi's going to the end," he said, "whether you like it or not. Demi's going to the end!" Clearly, he wanted to help fans prepare for the possibility of a Demi-filled finale now. And he could definitely be right.

Colton himself has said that he doesn't think Demi is his season's villain, perhaps a clue she's the one to watch. On Wednesday (Jan. 16), Colton told Extra that he doesn't "believe in villains" and that Demi is "expressing herself" and being "undeniably herself." That might just be someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, which could be off-putting to those showing up to dates with Colton in sparkly gowns while Demi's showing up in her robe.


"I think she's just different. Everybody is different," Colton said, "every person is different so I don't know about 'villain.' I don't know how I feel about that word."

Adams is also in his feelings over the word, which he thinks is very transferrable over the course of a long season. He told Entertainment Tonight that he could understand why the other contestants were upset with Demi's very public make-out sesh, "but everyone's a villain! You've got Demi, the girl with a dog [Catherine], and then you've got the beauty queens [Hannah B. and Caelynn] and someone's a villain," he said. "They might both be villains!"

Right now, it's Demi, but with so much time left in the mansion, anything can happen. Anyone could be the next villain or Colton's soul mate. As for who will make it to the final four, Wells predicts it will be Demi, Hannah G., and Bri.

Possible spoilers ahead for The Bachelor finale. Right now, though, Reality Steve, the keeper of all Bachelor secrets, predicts Colton's season will end without Demi getting the final rose. In fact, according to the popular blogger, she won't even be in the final four. (While Reality Steve posted who he thinks the winner is based on his knowledge, revealing that Colton is engaged, we'll continue to keep that a secret. Just know, it's not one of the ladies Wells predicted would make it to the end.)

With so much more fun to be had at the mansion, though, it'll be interesting to see if Demi will stick around and whether or not she'll be able to shake that villain moniker before she's sent home.