12 Gifts To Get Your Bestie This Year That They Definitely Don't Already Have


What better way to kick off this year's holiday season than by getting some creative gifts for your best friends that also happen to be gloriously feminist? This holiday gifting season, be a keen shopper. Instead of focusing on trends, or flashy sales, direct your efforts into supporting companies that fight for gender equality. That way, you're getting a gift for the country and a gift for your friend at the same time.

Whether you veer towards an item with a feminist phrase on it or if you take a more abstract approach like shopping at female run companies, make sure that you're putting your money towards a progressive effort. Now more than ever, we need to support women, so make a slight adjustment in your holiday shopping game, and amplify the feminist spirit. Here I've put together a list of gifts that are very clearly feminist in their nature, and gifts that come from companies that have the feminist spirit woven through them. Feel free to include a card for your recipient that lets them know that their gift is extra special, thanks to its help promoting gender equality and gender rights, in addition to being just a totally rad gift, all on its own.

A Leather Belt With Carpet Trim

A Full Pajama Set

A Cute Handmade Mug

A Natural Spa Kit

A Bag With A Message

Artsy Bowls

Some Chill Candles

A Plastic-Free Kitchen Set

An Eco Wallet

A Pair Of Fab Loafers

A Nasty Sweater

A Rad Planter