12 Creative April Fools’ Day Pranks You Can Play On Your Parents That Are Actually Funny

It feels like March 2018 has just begun, but it's actually already coming to an end — and for many people, that means one thing: April Fools' Day is almost here. April Fools' Day, as you likely already know, is the one day of the year when you can pull pranks and practical jokes on just about anybody without them getting angry about it. Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of that?! It's the perfect time to cause a little trouble with the people who are closest to you — including your parents. Yes, they gave you life and have provided for you, but that doesn't mean you can't have some good-natured fun with them. If you want to joke around with them without going too far, we've got some creative April Fools' Day pranks you can play on your parents.

In 2018, April Fools' Day also happens to fall on the Easter holiday, which means that you probably already have plans to do something with your family — you really can't pass up this golden opportunity. Now, of course, you shouldn't pull a prank big enough to potentially mess with Easter dinner or to start some sort of family feud, but who can complain about a little good old-fashioned fun? In between eating chocolate and painting eggs, take some time to joke around with your parents. You might end up making some hilarious memories! Here are a few creative April Fools' Day prank ideas to get back at your parents for all of the times they grounded you


The Confusing Candy Bowl

Since April Fools' Day is on Easter, it won't be surprising to find bowls of candy all over the place. Make things a lot more confusing by filling one of the bowls with a mix of M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, and Skittles. This is a weird mix of flavors and is going to make everyone wonder what they're eating when they dig in.


Chocolate Covered Grapes

This idea is from Rich Ferguson, and it's perfect for Easter. You know those little chocolate covered eggs in foil that everyone always serves? Open them up carefully, save the foil, and eat the chocolate (or save it for later!). Buy some grapes and dip them in chocolate, then freeze them for a few hours so they get firm. Take that old foil and wrap up the grapes, then serve as if they were chocolate. People won't know what hit them, but also? This actually sounds like an unexpected delicious treat!


Create A Wi-fi Riddle

If your parents are having family over for Easter, pull a prank on everyone hoping to get online. Go into your parent's wi-fi network settings and change the network name and password to a riddle. Make it something that everyone has heard before, or even an inside joke in your family. When they try to re-connect, they'll see the riddle and get completely confused.


The Classic Autocorrect Prank

This joke has definitely been done before, but that doesn't mean it isn't amusing. Get your hands on your mom or dad's phone and change the autocorrect settings. Make sure you change a word or phrase they use often, like "no" or "yes." You can make it something totally ridiculous — check out this story for a few ideas. The next time they go to say that word or phrase, the new autocorrected word or phrase will pop up, and they'll be totally thrown.


Easter Egg Switch

It's Easter, so you basically have to do something with Easter eggs. Instead of filling plastic Easter eggs with candy, fill them with something else, like fake bugs, or just really gross candy — for instance, you could swap out delicious jelly beans for some of the more disgusting flavors.


The "Broken" Remote

If your parents watch TV every day, you have to try this little prank. Simply cut a tiny piece of tape and put it over the sensor on the remote control. Just as they start to get really frustrated trying to figure out what's wrong with the remote, give them a heads up.


The Soap That Doesn't Work

It's time to mess with their shower! Take a bar of soap and paint it with nail polish. Upon doing this, it won't foam up under water. Try to paint it a clear color, or the same color of the soap so that they don't notice anything weird about it.


The Messed Up Mouse

Here's another way to mess with your parent's technology. Change the settings on their mouse to make it scroll in the opposite direction. It's just annoying enough to drive them crazy, and if they aren't super tech-savvy, they'll have no idea what's going on.


The Different Language

Not to completely mess up your parent's trust in their cell phone, but the prank ideas that come along with a smartphone are too good! And they're easy: Get your hands on your mom or dad's phone and change the language. They'll probably have no idea how to undo it.


Colorful Running Water

I am loving this idea from Today: you can use a Q-tip to put gel food coloring around the inside of the faucet in a bathroom or sink. Once your mom or dad turns the faucet on, colored water comes out.


Chocolate-Covered Veggies

Here's another idea from Rich Ferguson that works if you're having a little Easter celebration: Get some Brussels sprouts and dip them in melted chocolate. Cover them in sprinkles to hide any weird bumps, then stick them in the freezer to get hard. Once they're ready, put them out in a bowl or on a plate as if they were candy. Then watch everyone get seriously grossed out when they bite into them.


The Shattered Phone Screen

This is an easy one: you can download an app that will make it look like a phone screen is shattered even though it isn't. You can do this to your phone if you think that will make your parents angry, or you can do it to theirs. There's an app for Android and iOS.