12 Devastating Fiction Books To Read If You're Looking For Something Truly Grim

In the mood for something dark? Collected for you on the list below, I've got 12 books that are truly grim to read, so buckle up for some crying, horror, and feelings of dread, book nerds.

I've written before about my preference for reading sad books when I'm sad, and about my love affair with absurdist fiction, so it should come as no surprise that I'm writing about books with no light at the end of the tunnel, or even that many lights along the way. Although it may seem strange to those who don't feel the same way, I find plenty to love in heart-destroying, soul-suckingly sad works of fiction. The negative and neutral emotions — such as melancholy and apathy — that saturate books like the ones below feel more real to me than happy narratives that tie up in neat bows at the end. I'll take a gut-wrenching conclusion full of death and despair, or an open ending in which it isn't quite clear what has happened to our hero, over happily-ever-after any day, and I'll come away from reading that book feeling better about the state of my own life.

Check out the 12 grim books I've picked out for you below: