Easy New Year's Eve Party Drink Recipes

by Kaitlyn Wylde

So, you've decided to have a New Year's Eve party, and, go figure, you've got it mostly figured out. The decorations in order, you've picked out your sparkly dress, you're almost done with your six hour music playlist — hey, you even made a Netflix list of all your favorite New Year's Eve movies to play on silent (for vibes, of course). But, shortly before your soirée, you realized that you've forgotten to put much thought into maybe the most important factor of all: booze. There couldn't possibly be any chance of planning easy New Year's Eve party drinks at the last minute like that, right?

Wrong. Now that you're adulting, you're kind of expected to have a more serious bar situation than same line up of bottles of wine and liquor you've been gifted in the past that are sticky from being improperly stored in your shoe closet. You're not expected to be a mixologist, but you can't afford a bartender, and you don't know how to make anything fancy.

Before you give up and start making vodka and Tropicana cocktails in red plastic cups, take a look at these super grown-up cocktails that are easier to make than they sound. All you have to do is follow the directions closely, make sure you have the right ingredients and appropriate cups, and you're golden. Your friends will think you've got it together, and you'll be glad to have a few new hosting tricks up your sleeve.

Sparkling Rosé Cocktail

A Cozy Kitchen

Why have regular rosé when you can make it fancy and more flavorful? Check out this easy to follow recipe from A Cozy Kitchen and amp up your rosé game for good.

Homemade Limoncello

Apron & Sneakers

Most people don't even understand what limoncello is, where it's from, or what it's made of. So, if you make your own batch, you'll become wildly impressive to your guests. Check out this old school recipe on Apron & Sneakers.

Spicy Rum Cocktail

Apron & Sneakers

Your guests will have had their fair share of spiced rum this holiday season, which is exactly why you're going to step it up a few notches with this recipe by Apron & Sneakers that includes spiced panela dark sugar syrup and some major adult flavors.

Boozy Iced Coffee

Lick My Spoon!

Instead of serving espresso or instant coffee, try this Vietnamese recipe by Lick My Spoon! It's got delicious Kahlua in it to make it both buzzing and sweet.

Gin Cocktail

Simply Delicious

Elevate your gin drinks with this honey and lemon cordial-infused recipe by Simply Delicious. You can bet your guests haven't had it before.

OG Old Fashioned

I Am A Food Blog

It's always good to have an old fashioned recipe in your arsenal of drinks. Check out this recipe on I am a Food Blog and teach yourself how to make a drink that will always come into handy when hosting.

Chocolate Martini

Food & Style

No, this isn't a chocolate bar and booze, this is a super adult drink that will take some close following-of-directions, but is totally worth it. You'll basically win New Year's Eve with this chocolate ginger martini infused with cayenne-spiked rum. Check out the recipe on Food & Style.

Bourbon Sidecar

Food & Style

This old school drink is seriously updated with some new citrusy and smokey flavors thanks to the recipe by Food & Style. The garnish is really everything.

Limoncello Bellini

Food & Style

Why have a regular Bellini when you can step it up and make it a lot more cultured. Use your own batch of limoncello and really impress your guests. Follow this super simple recipe on Food & Style.

Tequila Eggnog

Adventures In Cooking

OK, so maybe your guests are tired of eggnog. Spice it up for them with this tequila citrus eggnog from Adventures in Cooking. It's unlike anything they ever had this holiday season, that's for sure.

Apple Sangria

A Farmgirl Dabbles

It's still apple season, people! Make the most of your apples with this cider-like sangria recipe from A Farmgirl Dabbles. You can serve it hot or cold — it's sweet and delicious either way.

Prosecco Margaritas

A Farmgirl Dabbles

These festive Prosecco cocktails will be the best thing you learn how to make all year. The recipe by A Farmgirl Dabbles is perfect for making big batches and you'll love this drink year round hosting.

And as always, drink responsibly.

Image: Pexels