12 Movies To Stream Before The Super Bowl If Sports Drama Is Totally Your Thing

With the 2018 Winter Olympics coming up and the Super Bowl on Sunday, February is set to be the year's biggest month in sports. And even if you're not much of an athlete or fan, it's basically a given that everyone can enjoy a good sports film. The Super Bowl is airing on Feb. 4, so before the game begins, you should check out these 12 football movies to stream. They're great picks both if you can't wait for the Super Bowl because of the game itself, or if you're just excited for the multi-layer dips (no shame).

The funny thing about sports movies is that they're rarely completely about sports. When you get to the bare bones of them, really they tell stories of hopes and dreams and usually some inspiration as well. Sometimes they tell stories about important historical moments, like Remember the Titans, and sometimes they're great love stories, like Jerry Maguire. Regardless of what's really going on in the films, you can bet that they'll get pretty intense at times, and it's hilarious how much those tough competitions can crack even the staunchest of sports-haters to cheer on a certain team.

If watching Netflix is your sport, then go ahead and take the next few days to marathon each of these football movies. Make sure you get plenty of rest beforehand and drink some water, though — this is practically an athletic event on its own.

'23 Blast'

Like so many great sports films, this one is an inspiring one that's based on a true story. Unlike many sports films, however, it follows the journey of a high school athlete who goes blind and gets back in the game. You can find it on Netflix now.

'The Waterboy'

Less inspiring and more silly, this Adam Sandler classic is streaming on Netflix.

'The Express'

This 2008 film stars Rob Brown and Dennis Quaid, who tell the story about football hero Ernie Davis, who became the first African American athlete to win the Heisman Trophy. Find it on HBO Go.

'The Business Of Amateurs'

You've probably heard of the movie Concussion, and this movie on Amazon Prime tells the true-life story of the controversy over the NFL. It might give you conflicting feelings about the Super Bowl, but it is an important issue for football fans to confront.


Once you've bummed yourself out after watching The Business of Amateurs, pump yourself back up this real-life inspiring story. It's on Netflix and it's everything you could ever want from a sports documentary.


This movie tells the real-life story of college football legend, Brandon Burlsworth. You'll find it on Hulu.

'4th & Goal'

Yet another inspiring documentary, 4th & Goal was filmed over six years, and it follows real-life young men as they work towards playing for the NFL. Check it out on Amazon Prime.

'Carter High'

Based on a true story, Carter High, follows the 1988 high school scandal that cost a football team the Texas state playoffs. It's available for streaming on Netflix.

'Two Days In April'

Ever wondered what it's like for professional football players right before the NFL draft? This documentary gives you an inside look, and you can find it on Netflix.

'Happy Valley'

In 2012, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of sexually abusing 10 students over the course of 15 years. You won't want to miss this documentary about the horrifying scandal. It's available on Netflix.

'The Gridiron'

As you know, American football and the rest of the world's football are two different sports. This silly film tells the true story of a man who tried to bring U.S. football to the U.K. in 1985. You can find the movie on Amazon Prime.

'Go Tigers!'

This movie is basically like a true-story version of Friday Night Lights. Stream it now on Hulu.

Whether these movies inspire you or turn you off from watching the year's biggest football game, they are all equally exciting to watch.