12 Half-Birthday Gifts For Your Friends That Are Cheap & Cute

ModCloth; Urban Outfitters

In her novel Someone Like You, Sarah Dessen writes one of the truest phrases ever to appear on a page: “Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.” It is about time we celebrated more with the friends who enrich our lives in inexplicable ways. Break free from the confines of formal holidays and create new ways to celebrate with your friends. Throw a party on a Wednesday night; fill your apartment with balloons. Celebrate nontraditional days. Make life extra special by grabbing your best buddy one of these 12 half-birthday gift ideas for your friends this year.

In society today a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of romantic love — so much so, the true vitality of companionate love shared between friends is often overlooked. Granted, wanting a romantic partner is normal; humans are social animals with a reasonable desire for physical intimacy and affection. But, I think we should celebrate the importance of friends more — not just on Thanksgiving or Galentine's Day. True friends are a saving grace, and should be celebrated. But who says you have to wait until an ~official~ holiday to celebrate? It's 2018, the world is your oyster, every month you're alive should be a celebration. Here are some half-birthday gift ideas for inspo, if you need any.

1. Cactus Desk Organizer

Came Tidy Recommended Cactus Desk Organizer, $19, ModCloth

Not only will it help your BFF keep their things organized, this prickly number is as precious as it gets.

2. Memory Book

One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, $19, ModCloth

This is a gift that is perfect for your particularly sentimental pal. The guided journal has one prompt each day for five years, encouraging the writer to relish in the little joys of each day.

3. Mini Kitty Planter

Peropon Cat Self Watering Wild Strawberry Planter, $14, Urban Outfitters

This little kitty is designed to help a wild strawberry bloom as big and beautifully as the live between you and your friend.

4. Mini Sriracha To Go

Sriracha To-Go Bottle Keychain, $8, Urban Outfitters

This itty bitty Sriracha keychain serves as a good reminder to your friend to seek out things that keep life spicy and interesting.

5. Heart Mug

Coffee Lover Mug, $12, Urban Outfitters

With this mug you can give your friend your heart AND a cup of coffee. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

6. Mini Instax Frame

Mini Instax Acrylic Block Frame, $6 (or two for $8), Urban Outfitters

Have a BFF who is a shutterbug? Gift them one of these cute, understated frames to display a pic of you two. Or, snag two and pair each with a photo of one another.

7. Succulents

Shop Succulents Unique Succulent, (Collection of 5) $16, Amazon

Who doesn't love a succulent? Treat your friend to the trendiest (and easiest to care for) plant to show them how much faith you have in their ability to keep something alive.

8. Custom BFF Candle

Personalized Candle Best Friend Candle, $15+, Etsy

Nothing says "spa day" like a scented candle. And nothing says "thoughtful" like a PERSONALIZED candle. Snag this sweet one for your best friend when you know they're in need of some R and R.

9. Patterned Photo Album

Instax Patterned Photo Album, $12, Urban Outfitters

Have a ton of old Instax photos of your pals that are floating around your desk? Stick 'em in a pretty album. It's convenient AND fashionable.

10. Mini Heart Waffle Maker

Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker, $14, Urban Outfitters

If Leslie Knope is right about one thing, it is the value of a waffle. Make 'em with this to transmit a not-so-secret message.

11. Home State Key Chain

Personalized State Keychain, $15+, Etsy

Perfect for those long-distance best friends you don't get to see nearly often enough.

12. Rosé Chocolate Bar

Compartes ROSÉ Chocolate Bar, $10, Compartes

This one needs very little explanation. Who could say no to a PINK chocolate bar?