12 Memes & Jokes About Harry Styles' "Sign Of The Times" That Prove Fans Already Can't Wait For This New Single

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It is a blessed day for all the One Direction fans who have held onto the hope that their lord and savior Harry Styles would be resurrected with his first solo album. Thanks the ex-boy bander's social media channels, on Friday it was announced that Styles' "Sign of the Times" would be released April 7, with the album art tacked onto this revelation. As such, social media was set into a frenzy of excitable reacts, and, of course, it was only a matter of time before the "Sign of the Times" memes started popping up.

Because even though One Direction has long diverged into five different paths (with Zayn Malik famously kicking things off with his departure in 2015), this is a big deal, and that's particularly because it's Styles' project. My understanding of Styles has always been limited to "there's at least one Taylor Swift hit single written about him" and "I think he's the Justin Timberlake of the group." So, even from a non-fan perspective, I get that this isn't your average fandom freak out. It's peppered with hysterical sobbing, and light cardiac arrest.

But let's just focus on the memes, shall we? Mined directly from Twitter, here all the ways people are reacting to "Sign of the Times."

1Instantly No One Can Deal

Seriously, bbs be losing it.

2It's Like Christmas Came Early

And we're all just little kids seconds away from unwrapping our gifts.

3The Excitement Could Be Fatal

Plz keep your heart from pounding out of your chest.

4Although Some Simply Can't Get Over The Album Art

There's light concern.

5And What The Concept Behind This May Have Been

I wouldn't doubt it it was literally that.

6There's Still A Lot Of Love For It

Though there's wishful thinking that we could've gotten a face-forward shot.

7Plus People Are Already Predicting Greatness

This'll go over big with the MTV set.

8And While Prince Fans Are Highly Unimpressed...

Been there, done that...

9And Some Of Us Are Just Confused

My reaction, TBH.

10There Will Be A Complete Financial Surrender...

Gazillions of downloads.

11As Well As Emotional

Gazillions of tweeted marriage proposals.

12Because At The End Of The Day, All 1D Fans Will Blindly Follow

Or deafly, as the case may be.

Regardless of whether "Sign of the Times" is a wise direction for Harry or not, there's no doubt that his fans will have his back.