People Are Sharing The Best Weddings They Ever Attended & It Will Give You Major FOMO

by Megan Grant

Weddings: they either give you the warm fuzzies or elicit the grandest of eye rolls. Many of us find ourselves bored to tears by horrendously long ceremonies, lengthy toasts from drunken groomsmen, and getting seated at the kids table just because we're single (seriously, why?); others are more lucky. A Reddit thread invited users to share stories of the best weddings ever, and believe it or not, there are many ways to throw a wedding people will talk about for years to come.

... Because they loved it — not because they thought the food stunk and your MIL was a monster. Just to be clear.

Estimates say there are roughly 6,200 weddings a day in the United States alone. Traditional weddings have largely gone the way of the dodo, and people are getting increasingly creative. Maybe they elope. Maybe their wedding is a backyard BBQ. Maybe they have the most incredible budget wedding you've ever been witness to. Weddings are supposed to reflect the couple's tastes and likes, which means there's no one way to do it.

Even though a lot of us have been to kinda-boring (read: awful) weddings, a lot of good stuff is happening out there. Here are some of the better weddings that have taken place, according to Reddit.


A Multicultural Dream

Indian music? Endless food? Money being thrown about? WHISKY? How can I get invited to the next wedding like this?


Short And Sweet

According to Bridal Guide, one of the most common complaints about weddings is toasts and photo montages that never end. People just want to eat and drink, for crying out loud. If you can skip to the fun stuff and make it all snappy, bonus!


Dancing Under The Fairylights

Anytime four-legged friends are involved, it's bound to be a great wedding. The trend is growing in popularity, too. Gina Sole, owner of the Wedding Planner in Rittenhouse Square, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that since her first pet wedding in 2010, dogs in weddings have grown to be about 30 percent of her business. Woof.


Farmers On A Budget

What a unique and sincere way to celebrate your nuptials. Fresh food and the people you love? That's the way to go. While The Knot says the cost of the average wedding is $35,329, even that is pretty steep. Rest assured you can have a memorable day with even less money spent.


Free Alcohol

Free wine is always a good way to ensure people will enjoy your wedding.


An After-Party At Denny's

Did anyone get Moons Over My Hammy? That's the only way this story could get any better. And if you think hitting up a Denny's after a wedding is strange, clearly you haven't heard that people can get married there. Epic.


Feeling Fancy

Most people can't even pronounce "filet mignon," so intuition tells me it doesn't make it to most wedding menus. But it is delicious, particularly when you're feeling a little *extra*.


Pool Parties And Bonfires

This sounds more like summer camp, and by that, I mean it sounds amazing.


A Courthouse Marriage

Weddings should be fun; and if they're comprised of doughnuts and a vacation, you've hit the nail on the head. If you're getting married and this sounds like your cup of tea, you should look into getting a food truck at your wedding.


BYO Dish

Now that's how you say, "I do." Potluck weddings have a bad reputation and are sometimes considered "tacky," but they're a great way to bring the family together. To each her own!


Getting Married In The Rain

This sounds like a Nicholas Sparks novel. While your wedding hair might end up sad and soggy, the pictures were probably dreamy — very Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams circa The Notebook.


A Fairytale Wedding

I'm sorry — is this a fairytale movie, or someone's wedding day? I can't tell. This sounds like the perfect exactly of a Disney wedding. Who wouldn't want to get married in a castle?