12 Podcasts To Help Anxiety & Depression Whether You Want To Laugh, Cry, Or Find A Way To Unwind

Anxiety and depression are real. Luckily for us, we live in a time where people are increasingly open about their mental health struggles and issues. Also we live in a time where getting help is possible. However, even if you are getting help, there is literally no such thing as too much help. Whether it's putting your nose in a book, googling until your brain is a bit fuzzy, or just listening to a pal, learning about other people's stories and methods of coping is helpful. There are also so many podcasts to help with anxiety and depression.

That's one of the umpteen reasons podcasts rock. There is literally a podcast for everything. Fly fishing, wrestling, true crime, gardening — you got an interest? There is a podcast for that. And for whatever mental struggles you may be facing at this time, there is a podcast for that, too.

Listening to people share stories about their own experiences is not only eye opening, but vital. When you are in a hole sometimes it feels like you will never get out. And periods of extreme anxiety and depression make you feel stuck in so many ways. Here is a list of podcasts so you can hear how other people got unstuck — and maybe you can too.

1. Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Hosted by Paul Gilmartin, this is a funny and honest collection of conversations about mental health and its up and downs.

Comedians and mental health professionals both visit the show, and the blurb states that "Paul’s hope is that the show and this website will give people a place to connect, smile and feel the return of hope. The biggest myth about mental illness is that you are alone and there is no help".

This show is a perfect example of the fact that depression doesn't actually have to be depressing.

Download it here

2. The Struggle Bus

The Struggle Bus

The Struggle Bus is a weekly advice podcast that is hosted by two BFFs who describe their credentials as having "lots of feelings and opinions." OK so basically like your BFFs.

Every week, listeners climb aboard the struggle bus as the hosts Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin discuss problems and questions which have been submitted by their dedicated listeners. They do their best to answer their audience and give advice, while also offering advice that anyone could take. This one is ideal for those who love a natter with pals.

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3. Happy Place

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton's podcast considers what makes people happy, speaks to people who have overcome mental health struggles, unveils food to feed the soul, and much much more.

With previous guests including Davina McCall, Stephen Fry, and Lena Headey, it is a lovely, light, happy podcast that will bring a little sparkle and lots of perspective into your life.

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4. Happier

Happier Podcast

This is hosted by Gretchen Rubin, who is a successful writer on the topic of happiness. She cohosts with her sister Elizabeth Craft, who is a bit of a skeptic but who tries the various methods suggested by Rubin. The combination of a happiness expert and a slightly-not-into-it type is perfect. Because everyone knows when you are down, it is hard to try new things.

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5. Bryony Gordon's Mad World

Bryony Gordon's Mad World

Bryony Gordon makes this podcast with The Telegraph and it is an excellent combination of all things mental health.

Each week Gordon talks with a different guest about how their mental health has been affected by their own experiences throughout their lives. This podcast helps to show that feeling weird is the most normal thing in the world.

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6. Mentally Yours

Mentally Yours

Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott make this podcast in collaboration with Metro.co.uk. Every week surprise guests come on and they discuss all the bonkers stuff going on inside our brains.

A wonderful example of the shift towards people taking their mental health more seriously.

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7. The Hilarious World Of Depression

The Hilarious World Of Depression

Depression is grim AF but like I always say, if you don't laugh you will cry. This podcast is a chance to take a step back, look at what is going on and have a sense of humour about it.

Actors and comedians who are struggling with depression or have done in the past come on to talk about their battles and even have a giggle about it.

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8. Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls

The Therapy For Black Girls podcast is a weekly podcast from the mind of licensed psychologist Dr Joy Harden Bradford. Atlanta-based Bradford talks about all things mental health, about positive personal development, and all the decisions that bit by bit can make you a better version of yourself.

A very important addition to the mental health podcast genre which sadly is mainly representative of white people/white mental health. This looks at the unique mental health experience of POC in modern times.

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9. Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

Oprah Winfrey. I mean her name alone boosts your mental health. Or should I say "Mentaaaaaaaaaal Heeeeaaaaaaalth!"

This is Winfrey's personal selection of her favourite interviews with authors, spiritual experts, thought-leaders, and health and wellness experts.

The idea of this podcast is to light you up, get you feeling positive, and help you become your very best self.

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10. Anxiety Slayer

Anxiety Slayer

Yeah when you get into Buffy-ish names, you got me on board easy. This podcast is for anyone with PTSD, panic attacks, stress, and anxiety. Considering everyone has at least one of those things in 2019 it's a no brainer.

It is a really beautiful mix of supportive chats, meditations, breathing methods and techniques—all to help you feel calm and centred during more difficult moments.

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11. Not Another Anxiety Show

Not Another Anxiety Show

Health and wellness coach, registered nurse, and former agoraphobe Kelli Walker is here to help all ends of the anxiety spectrum. From those who occasionally feel a little overwhelmed, to those who feel on the bring of a panic attack 24/7.

Different experts come on and they discuss methods for helping with anxiety and moving forward with your life.

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12. Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Nora McInerny's whole idea is like, when people ask how you are — you always say fine. Even if you feel completely awful, just so people can feel comfortable and get on with their day.

This show is funny/sad/happy/real/uncomfortable and an honest and true look at pain in all its forms. One for those who are bored of pretending to be OK all the time.

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If you feel truly low and anxious, don't be afraid to talk to your GP about getting help. There are a lot of different therapy options available and help out there. Allow yourself to be human and get the help you need.