12 Products To Stop You From Sweating

By Emily Estep

Working out, long shifts at work, hot summer days spent outside — they all lead to that dreaded body, foot, and boob sweat, causing you to cry out for products that stop sweating. Nothing puts a damper on your day like a sweat stain, unwanted moisture, or the constant itching of a particularly sensitive area.

There is a whole market for products designed specifically to keep you sweat-free beyond deodorant — from moisture-wicking fabrics, moisture-absorbing powders, and even armpit shields, there's plenty to keep you protected against sweat's tyranny.

Of course, sweating is totally natural; it's your body's way of trying to cool itself down. But that doesn't mean you have to put up with it all summer, especially if you'd prefer not to walk around covered in sweat all day. Basically, there is nothing wrong with sweat, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to control sweat, either.

Whether you are struggling with sweat already or are looking for ways to maximize your freshness this summer, now is the time to explore your options for an upcoming season of hot temperatures and bright sun. That way, you'll never be caught sweating your ass off ever again.


These Sweat Absorbing Bamboo Charcoal Sheets

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Tissues, $7, Amazon

These oil absorbing tissues are made with natural bamboo charcoal to absorb oil and sweat while freshening your face. It can be used over makeup without messing anything up, and the sheets are made from linen fibers. It also soothes your face as well.


This Powder That Prevents The Dreaded 'Monkey Butt'

Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder, $9, Amazon

This Anti Monkey Butt Powder does exactly what it promises: it saves you from monkey butt, and if you don't know what monkey butt is already, consider yourself one of the lucky few. This cornstarch-based powder is designed to keep you dry and comfortable pretty much anywhere on your body. It'll give you peace of mind, and it's even blended with calamine powder to reduce itching.


These Shields That Absorb Underarm Sweat

Kleinert's Disposable Underarm Shields, $14, Amazon

These genius underarm shields adhere to the inside of your clothing to absorb any sweat so that it can be neither seen nor felt. It's also completely hypoallergenic and designed to feel soft against the skin, despite its impressive ability to adhere. Underarm sweat can be a fear of the past, as you can use this on any fabric — even silk.


This Cleansing Spray That Controls Butt Sweat

Booty Fresh Intimate Cleanser, $25, Amazon

Sometimes, the sweatiest part of our bodies can be the most sensitive and spoiler alert: it's the booty. This Booty Fresh cleanser is perfect for cleaning yourself up on a sweaty day, when toilet paper isn't providing enough relief. Booty Fresh kills odors while totally cleaning the entire area, freeing you and your booty from sweat, itchiness, and general discomfort.


These Athletic Shirts That Wick Away Sweat

Opna Women's Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirt (XS-4XL), $7, Amazon

Working out, playing sports, and other outdoor activities are no-brainers for causing sweat, but you can minimize sweatiness with these moisture-wicking athletic shirts from Opna. No longer will boob sweat keep you down, thanks to this fabric that absorbs and evaporates sweat and moisture right off your torso, even controlling heat.


This Cooling Powder That Keeps Your Feet Fresh

Squeaky Cheeks Body and Foot Powder, $10, Amazon

Squeaky Cheeks powder was originally designed to be a baby powder, but it works so well on adults' feet and bodies that it's now sold separately for that very purpose. This powder is gentle enough to use on a baby, so you know it's safe for your most sensitive areas. You'll be dry all day and itch-free, thanks to a combo of bentonite clay, essential oils, and cornstarch. It also helps prevent blisters, which always seems to pop up when sweaty feet rub against shoes.


These Moisture-Wicking Panties That Are Comfy & Cute

Balanced Tech Women's Moisture Wicking Panties Pack, $25 (6 Pack), Amazon

These brilliant panties are designed to wick away moisture by absorbing it and then allowing it to evaporate, and they're resistant to odor as well. This means they'll keep you dry on long, sweaty days, giving you a fresh feeling and a pep in your step. With this tagless 6 pack, you'll be prepared for a whole week of hot temperatures.


These Breathable Socks For Dry Feet All Day

Under Armour Women's Essential Twist No Show Socks, $15, Amazon

Under Armour's Twist No Show Socks are the ideal athletic sock, providing comfort, stability, and technology that evaporates moisture quickly and provides antibacterial properties. This way, your feet can stay dry in the midst of any sweltering day, which will not only keep you more comfortable can also lengthen the lives or your shoes, too. These socks also provide some arch support, so they're great for workouts, too.


This Light Witch Hazel That Prevents Face Sweat

Quinn's Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, $15, Amazon

The benefits of witch hazel on your skin are numerous, making it an excellent toner and a thorough cleanser in a double-cleanse routine, it's also well-known for keeping oiliness and sweatiness under control. This alcohol-free witch hazel from Quinn's is the way to go if you tend to struggle with face sweat, keeping your makeup in place and your face appropriately dry throughout the day.


This Natural Deodorant To Gently Prevent Sweat

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant in Bergamot and Lime, $10, Amazon

Of course, the number one way to control sweat (especially under the arms) is deodorant, but not just any deodorant is good enough for your daily routine. This natural deodorant from Schmidt's has an award-winning formula that's completely plant-based and aluminum-free. Plus, its bergamot and lime scent will have you smelling as fresh as a warm summer's day.


These Deodorizer Bags That Absorb Shoe Sweat

Starlitt Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer Bags, $23 (Set of 4), Amazon

The only thing worse than sweaty feet is sweaty shoes, especially when you have to put them back on after initially freeing your feet. These charcoal shoe deodorizer bags can save the day, not only getting rid of odors in your shoes but also drying up the sweat. Whether your shoes need a midday refresher or an all-night treatment, these bags are the way to go — they are a natural way to deodorize, and you can recharge the bags in the sun so they last a long time.


The Bamboo Sheets That Keep You Dry All Night

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets, $179, Amazon

An essential element to getting a good night's sleep is a comfortable temperature, and nothing can be more aggravating than waking up in a pool of sweat. These bamboo sheets from Cariloha are known for their fresh properties, with Amazon reviewers citing their ability to keep them cooler at night. Plus, these sheet sets are available in a variety of neutral colors guaranteed to match with any bedroom decor. These are also gentle on skin, and repel odors and allergens, too.

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