12 Punny Instagram Captions For Father’s Day That Your Dad Will Love To Pizzas

Father's Day is going to be here before you know it. It's already time to start thinking about what you can buy your dad to give him the most perfect present, where you guys can go to have a truly great day, and how you're going to make him feel like the best dad ever. You should also obviously start thinking about the epic Instagram post you're going to create for your dad — after all, what are holidays like these for if not for posting cute photos of you and your parents and writing something sentimental? This year, instead of getting sappy and personal, why not go the funnier route? There are some truly awesome punny Father's Day Instagram captions you can choose that will make your post stand out and make everyone giggle a little bit. Plus, if your dad has a sense of humor, he'll love them too.

Of course, a lot of these Father's Day themed puns are veering on the edge of being dad jokes, something you probably make fun of your own father for all the time. But honestly, who doesn't love a good dad joke every once in a while? They can be pretty amazing in the most corny way. And is there really a better way to celebrate all of the dads out there than to crack a nice dad joke? Not really.

So, this June 17, feel free to post an adorable old photo of you and your father when you were a baby (so you can show off how cute you were, of course), or a present photo. Just be sure to use one of the below funny captions to really nail down the likes:


This is the coolest pop out there.

Important: this caption will only work if you guys are eating ice pops in the photo. If not, it's just going to sound like a statement rather than a joke. Think of it as the perfect excuse to eat ice pops!


Happy Father's Day to the world's most eggscellent dad.

If you're going out for brunch or breakfast or making it for your dad on Father's Day, use this caption along with a photo of you guys and your meals. Adorable!


Dad, I know it's cheesy, but I think you're grate.

Do you need to post this one with cheese in the photo? No, but who doesn't want to be eating cheese on Father's Day, you know?


World's greatest farter!

Hehehehe. See what we did there?


Happy Father's Day to this dad joke supplier.

If your dad is the king of corny dad jokes, then this is the perfect caption to use. Who says you can't poke a little harmless fun at him?


Dad, you're dino-mite.

This is just kind of weirdly adorable.


These puns are armed and dadly.

If your dad loves a good pun, use this caption with a photo of him doing something dorky (but adorable).


DILF: Devoted, Involved, Loving Father

Freak everyone out for a minute by using this caption. Sure, it starts out weird, but it gets a lot better!


I love your bad, I mean dad, jokes.

Get it? You're basically saying he tells bad jokes? Hehehe.


Cheers to a hoppy Father's Day!

This is really only going to make sense if it accompanies a photo of you and your dad drinking a beer.


Dad, love you to pizzas.

And this one will work best with a photo that involves pizza. Again, this is the perfect excuse to have pizza on Father's Day, something I think everyone will appreciate.


Yoda best dad!

If your dad is a big Star Wars fan, this caption is an adorable choice.