12 Bottles Of Rosé That Are Perfect For Your Galentine's Day Instagrams

On the list of things that taste so good we'd drink them from the toilet, rosé is near the top. It's become its own food group. National monuments have been erected in its honor. And right after sunsets and and brunch, it's the most overly-Instagrammed thing on the planet. If you plan to partake for the upcoming romantic holiday with your squad by your side, consider this your handy dandy list for rosés that are perfect for Galentine's Day.

IDK when we decided that rosé was *the* alcoholic beverage to drink, but boy did we. In a 2017 article, Forbes cited Nielsen research which found that over the last 52 weeks, rosé sales had increased by 52 percent — which equated to $258 million in sales. We thought we had seen its peak, and then rosé was like, "Lolz."

Gambero Rosso said rosé was a "key trend" of 2018, and they're probably (read: definitely) right. These days, we've got Hello Kitty sparkling rosé, rosé makeup, a rosé wine mansion in New York City, and even rosé cider cheese.

We thought we had already seen its 15 minutes of fame, and then rosé was all:

If you're feeling a little extra thirsty this year, here are 12 bottles you'll want to get your hands on.