12 Times Chris Evans' Disney Obsession Could Not Be Contained

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Chris Evans needs a Disney ride dedicated to him, because he's basically a real-life Disney prince. Chris Evans loves Disney. The Avengers: Infinity War star can't get enough of the happiest place on Earth. The best part is the man who brings Captain America to life isn't ashamed to admit he has a Disney obsession. Whenever he gets the chance or is approached about the topic, Evans gladly gushes about his passion.

As a massive fan of everything Disney, but especially the parks, I relate to Evans immensely. What I've discovered during my many trips to Disney World is either you love Disney or you hate it. It's certainly not for everyone, which is totally OK, but if you, like myself and Evans, can't get enough of Disney, then you're aware of how magical of a place it really is.

To learn Evans is part of the Disney fandom, well, it's a wonderful feeling. This man is fabulous on so many levels and his adoration for the world created by Walt Disney makes him even more amazing. Just wait until you see many of the times Evans has geeked out over Disney. You will seriously fall in love with him all over again.


He Loves *Everything* Disney

While chatting with Oh My Disney in 2016, Evans took Disney talk to a whole new level. In a lightning round of questions, the 36-year-old gladly discussed all of his favorite Disney things. At one point, he even said about his favorite Disney movie, "This is like, how dare you. It's like favorite child." Yeah, he's a little bit passionate.


He Is Belle — & For Good Reason

At the D23's August 2015 fan expo in Anaheim, California, Yahoo! sat down with some major stars and asked them Disney-related questions. Of course, Evans, alongside his Marvel co-star, Anthony Mackie, was more than happy to talk Disney. Not only was he able to name all of the seven dwarfs, but he also revealed that if he were a Disney princess he would be Belle because "she's educated" and "she wants to read". Chris, why are you so fantastic?


His Favorite Disney Princess Is...

This was half-answered above, but there is another Disney princess Evans admires: Hercules' Megara. During a March 2016 BuzzFeed Tumblr Q&A, someone asked, "Favorite Disney princess?" and Evans replied, "That’s my favorite question so far. Probably Belle or Megara!" The way he gets excited about Disney questions speaks volumes.


He Is Every Disney Fanatic

To answer Evans' question, it is completely normal. As someone who is in her 30s, I, too, still get excited to visit Disney World like I did as a kid. Disney brings out your inner child, which is the beauty of the parks.


He Has Never Been More Relatable

Raise your hand if you begin a countdown as soon as you book a trip to Disney? *Raises hand* Chris, you and your family are not alone in this tradition. At D23's expo in 2015, Evans admitted he counts down the days until his next Disney visit.

"I'm a big... I have an inappropriate love of Disney," he told Legion of Leia. "My family, you know, we love Disney. We do an annual Disney trip around the holidays and then we do this countdown. We have group chats, like, 'Fourteen days to Disney! Seven days to Disney!' But, we start these chats in like March. So it's like, '278 days to Disney! My family is — we’re diehard fans of Disney. It’s just nice to be a part of the family in any way."

He has never been more relatable than in that moment.



Disney fans are always in the mood for a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. This is just who we are. You can take Evans' word for it.


His Favorite Disney Movie Is...

While appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers on April 23 with his brother, Scott Evans, Seth Meyers quizzed them on how well they know each other. Of course, one of the questions was about Evans' favorite Disney movie. As previously mentioned, this isn't an easy question for the Marvel star to answer, but he did settle on one. Believe it or not, but Evans chose Robin Hood. He really loves old school Disney.


He Has A True Love Of 'The Little Mermaid'

Evans knows all of the song lyrics from The Little Mermaid, it was revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in April 2016. Jimmy Kimmel quizzed the stars of Captain America: Civil War and asked them about Evans, "Chris has memorized the lyrics to the songs from what Disney musical?" Sebastian Stan was the only one who guessed correctly. Paul Rudd guessed Aladdin and Evans admitted he also knows all of those song lyrics, too. However, Evans doesn't know the Frozen (this was Mackie's guess) songs as well.

Speaking of The Little Mermaid, Evans' mom told GQ in June 2011 her son is "kind of a big dork" and, "At 30 he still knows all the words to songs from The Little Mermaid."


If He Were A Disney Prince...

"Yeah, that would be fun, wouldn't it?" he said at June 2016's Wizard World event in Philadelphia about the possibility of playing a Disney prince. Maybe Prince Eric, as the moderator suggested? Well, he does know all of the lyrics to The Little Mermaid songs, so it would be a perfect fit. Maybe he should star in the live-action version? *fingers crossed*


Disney Is His Idea Of "Heaven"

Once again, at the 2015 D23 expo, Evans let his Disney love shine. As you can watch above (around the 2-minute mark), he admitted he watches videos of other people's Disney vacations.

"I'm a big, big, big, big Disney fan. My whole family, we grew up loving Disney. That was the place we all wanted to go as kids. And, to this day, that's my idea of heaven." He then said, "If I'm having a bad day, I go online and just watch, like I watch other people's home movies. I'm on YouTube just watching other people's experience at Disney."

This might sound strange to some people, especially those who don't have a Disney obsession, but it's not. There is a whole Disney blogging community out there, who purposely share their Disney experiences for everyone, like Evans, to watch and enjoy.


It's A Place For Him & His Friends

At D23's 2013 fan expo, Evans, again, raved about Disney. He revealed to the audience he so badly wanted to go to Disneyland with his buddies, but his team informed he had to attend D23 so they couldn't.

"I'm gonna tell you a really funny story. This is actually absolutely true. I just got back to town, I was doing press overseas and I got back and my buddies we're like, 'Hey!', you know, 'cause I always bring them with me when I go to Disneyland." He continued, "Someone hit me up and was like, 'We should go to Disneyland', and I was like, 'Great! You know what? We should do it this Saturday!"

Well, Evans asked his team about the trip and they said, "Well, before or after D23?" He totally forgot he had a prior obligation, but, he wasn't too upset about it, because it's Evans and he was at D23, which is hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center right next to Disneyland. At least he was close, right?


This GIF Says It All

He truly is a serious and passionate Disney fan.