These Tweets From Jordan Of 'Bachelor In Paradise' Could Double As Motivational Posters

ABC/Paul Hebert; Jordan Kimball/Twitter

Love him or hate him, most people have to admit Jordan Kimball is entertaining. Whether you're laughing with him or at him, this guy made great TV on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Not only that, but he's hilarious on social media. In fact, Jordan's tweets could double as motivational posters. Most of the time, his quotes guarantee a good laugh, but a solid amount of them actually provide some great advice and valuable insights. Sure, some are just hysterical, but Jordan has plenty of tweets that could be considered "inspirational."

As fans know, Jordan brings a lot to the table. He has an impeccable wardrobe, hair doused in sea salt spray, an array of modeling poses, and ego-destroying clapbacks, so there are plenty of distractions and a lot to unpack. Beyond all of the hilarity, there are actually some astute observations mixed in.

Most of his tweets are in response to reality TV drama, but they could easily be applied to other situations in life. Jordan is very proud of being a fashion model, but maybe he's meant for a different path in life. Could Jordan have a future as a motivational speaker? It sure seems like he has a shot. Just check out these Twitter gems.


Sense Of Humor Is Important

Jordan just loves a good analogy, and this one makes a lot of sense. Having a solid sense of humor and positive outlook can be vital to making it through some tough life circumstances.


Don't Let Others Get To You

Jordan put his confidence on first thing in the morning, even though there a lot of people trying to bring him down on reality TV and social media. If Jordan let other people's opinions and insecurities get to him, he would be a completely different person. Jordan has a great point: Do not let haters bring you down.


Forget About Limits

Just because other people want to put you in a box, it doesn't mean they can. That's up to you. Just channel your inner Jordan and "pull in the rope and sail right by em."


Appreciate Life

There are so many things to worry about in life. There's a lot that could get you down, but try to not let that happen. Appreciate what life has to offer and give it your best shot. Who knows, you just might end up with a pair of golden undies and thousands of social media followers.


Keep It Real

Short and simple advice, but it does make sense. Be who you are and say how you feel. Jordan is always authentic and he couldn't be happier.


Try To Be Realistic

Optimism is great, but sometimes it just makes the most sense to be a realist. Hoping for more is great, but it's vital to be rooted in reality.


Don't Be Afraid To Laugh

Everyone should be able to poke fun at themselves. No one should take themselves too seriously.


Go After What You Want

You never know until you try, right? If you want to accomplish something, don't be shy and go after it. If you feel the need to be a "pensive gentleman," say it out loud, and make it happen.


Seize Opportunities

This one is a little bit confusing. There's nothing wrong with taking a step forward, but why take a step in the right direction when you can soar to new heights? Is that what he meant?


Believe In Yourself

Be your own biggest supporter. Can you ever fly if you don't believe it is possible? If Jordan didn't believe he could find matches on Tinder, would he have 4,000 matches?


Take Action

The ability to take action during a time of crisis is important. Can you do that? If you think you can, then it's possible.


Be Memorable

Is it better to keep to yourself and not be noticed or to be yourself and share your thoughts? Obviously Jordan prefers the latter, and he has a good point. Life is just too short to fade into the background and not be your true self.

There's no doubt about it: Jordan is a scene-stealer. He brings the laughs, but he also brings up some compelling points between his jokes and clapbacks. Maybe he will put his tweets and other memorable quotes on motivational posters? It would make perfect sense.