12 First Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day That Won’t Be Awkward At All

by Brittany Bennett
Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

First dates are typically reserved for the calendar days that don't impose pressure. To reduce the potential awkwardness, first dates are best to have on the odd Wednesday. But sometimes, without a second thought, you schedule a date in February on a weekday and it turns out that it's Valentine's Day. Don't freak or cancel. There are Valentine's Day first date ideas that aren't awkward at all. It could actually be a first date to remember.

Cupid doesn't have to crash the date just because it's Feb. 14. You and your date can get to know each other safe from any amorous arrows. Because being Cupid's target practice when you don't even know each other's last name could make things weird. There are plenty of totally normal options to see if there's a spark between the two of you on the holiday for lovers.

There are also ways you can totally use this day to your advantage. Perhaps a local restaurant has a free dessert deal for couples. Rack up as many free chocolate lava cakes as you possibly can! Whether you'd rather keep it as casual as possible or lean in to the spirit of the day, there's a first date idea for every potential couple.

A Casual Dinner

Dinner is a nightly essential, 365 days a year. It's also a popular first date idea. Learn about each other over appetizers! End things before dessert if it's not going well! It's a safe bet. But dinner on Valentine's Day has the potential to be ~fancy~ wherever you go. It doesn't have to be. Find a casual spot and swap getting-to-know-you stories over burgers.

Sing Karaoke

You don't need to belt out love songs, but going to hear people sing karaoke is like a mini concert. Doing a duet could be a funny way to bond that leads to many more Valentine's Days together.

Stroll Through Town

If you don't want to sit down over food or serenade an entire crowd of strangers, a nice crisp stroll through town could be your best bet for a Valentine's Day first date. It's just a walk so there's no pressure. You can go with the flow and if you want a scoop of ice cream, you can wander into any shop in town at your leisure!

Go To A Museum

Go see some art at a local museum! Should the date reach a lull in conversation, you can clasp your hands behind your back and blame the silence on observing the art.

Meet At A Bookstore

Bookstores are very romantic places, but they aren't obviously so. Meeting at a bookstore is a low key spot to rendezvous for a first date. You can get to know each other over pages of your favorite books!

Head To A Local Comedy Club

Laugh Feb. 14 away by heading to a local comedy club. You can see if your sense of humor synchs up before setting up another date.

Have A Candy Picnic

Just because you're not actually a couple, that doesn't mean that you can't indulge in the candy stocking the shelves. Meet up at the nearest convenience shop and purchase as much candy as possible and have a candy picnic in town.

Go Ice Skating

Because it's still winter, there are sweet little seasonal activities to engage in. Like ice skating! You don't have to hold hands but gliding — or attempting to — on ice could be the perfect ~ice breaker~.

Have Breakfast For Dinner

Forget a romantic dinner full of candles and steaks and lobsters. Tuck your napkin into your shirt collar and slide into a diner booth. Breakfast for dinner is an ~occasion~ as is. Split eggs and pancakes with your date. Maybe dinner for dinner can be date number two.

Go Bowling

If you'd rather stay warm inside than be cold on the ice rink, order some cheese fries and score a few strikes at the bowling alley. Hopefully it won't be you two who strike out. A bowling alley is casual enough so it's not exactly ~romantic~ wishy-washy for a first date.

Go To A Florist

If you're feeling cute and are a hopeless romantic, don't fear wearing that beautiful characteristic on your sleeve! Go to a florist and make each other bouquets full of roses or sunflowers or whatever your favorite flowers are. If it's weird making them for each other, make them for yourself ... in each other's company.

Commit And Get Fancy

Or maybe you want to totally lean in to the fact that it's Valentine's Day and you're going on a first date. Maybe you're into the idea of it being a spectacle. And if that's the case then there are no rules. Things can't be awkward, only fun. Get dressed up, wear the pearls, go to the steak dinner or the showing of all the romantic comedies Nora Ephron was a part of at the movie theater. There's nothing you can't do on your Valentine's Day first date. Eat your heart out, Cupid.