12 Valentine’s Day 2019 Instagram Captions To Post About Your Presents


Valentine's Day is a holiday that is dedicated to celebrating love. The true meaning of the holiday shouldn't be commercial, but more genuine. It should, ideally, be a day when you feel grateful for the relationship you're in, when you remind yourself how lucky you are to have your partner (and how lucky they are to have you!), and when you two do something to celebrate that love. But, let's be real: Valentine's Day is also a day to receive gifts, and if you're the kind of person who loves presents, then it's a pretty special day. From chocolates to flowers to something more sentimental, it can be hard to keep your V-day gift all to yourself. So, sometimes you indulge in a little bit of social media bragging (who can blame you?) and you post a photo of your gift online. And if you need a caption to do with it, there are some Valentine's Day Instagram captions to use about presents you've received, and they're all below.

You don't want to sound like you're being super braggy about your gift (even if it's amazing), but you also want to properly convey how happy you are about it and how much joy it brings you. There's nothing wrong with that! And there are also lots of little quotes and sayings out there that can show both of those things to all of your followers. Some of them will also show much you love your partner, not just for their gift, but also for their heart and who they are, which is also really important. Check out these Instagram caption ideas, and steal one for your own page: