12 Zodiac Inspired Makeup Tutorials For Halloween 2018

FreeBlush on YouTube

If you're totally obsessed with all things astrology and horoscope, I have good news. Why not channel that love and transform yourself into your actual Zodiac sign in honor of Halloween? Besides, Zodiac inspired makeup tutorials are insanely easy, surprisingly affordable (use what you already own!) and make for a one-of-a-kind Halloween look (because cats, bats, and bunnies are just so basic, amiright?).

Plus, it can be hard to stand out amongst the crowd and be ~creative~ when it comes to rocking the ultimate Halloween look. Often times, I find myself browsing the deep, dark depths of Pinterest and have had no luck finding a look that's easy, unique, and Instagram-friendly (sigh). So, why not save yourself the trouble and choose an easy-to-follow tutorial?

The best part about these Zodiac tutorials? Every single one of these mystical makeup looks were practically destined to be featured on your Instagram grid. Channel your inner star power (get it?) and get to work on an unbelievable makeup look that'll leave heads turning everywhere you go.

So the next time someone tells you you're "such a Scorpio," prove 'em wrong and rock your true Aries. Here are the best Zodiac-inspired makeup tutorials, perfect for Halloween (and well, almost any occasion):

1. Aries

Shaaanxo on YouTube

Aries is a fire sign, so feel free to show off your fiery side in honor of Oct. 31.

2. Taurus

KlairedelysArt on YouTube

Go for a look that's equally bold and beautiful in honor of your Zodiac sign.

3. Gemini

KlairedelysArt on YouTube

This Gemini makeup is the perfect balance between feminine and edgy, and I'm obsessed.

4. Cancer

FreshBlush on YouTube

Rock your mystical, magical makeup and statement-making eyeshadow with confidence.

5. Leo

RositaApplebum on YouTube

Leos are known for being fierce, so why not own that quality and turn it into a bold and beautiful makeup look?

6. Virgo

FreshBlush on YouTube

Yes, this is a bit over-the-top, but IMHO, the more pink, the better.

7. Libra

Minsooky on YouTube

Don't be afraid to experiment with this playful look-- just don't forget your highlighter.

8. Scorpio

BeautifulYouTV on YouTube

BRB, full on living for that scorpio design and those rainbow eyes. Can I be a Scorpio, too?

9. Sagittarius

KlairedelysArt on YouTube

I promise, this look is easier than it seems! Just find yourself a bold purple makeup crayon, and you're all set!

10. Capricon

Shaaanxo on YouTube

There's no better excuse to rock contoured cheekbones and a red lip.

11. Aquarius

KlairedelysArt on YouTube

Because rhinestones make the world go 'round.

12. Pisces

tarte cosmetics on YouTube

Transform yourself into an IRL mermaid.

Trick or treat, folks!