These Are The 13 Wildest Conspiracy Theories On The Internet


It's safe to say that there is almost never a time when a conspiracy theory doesn't seem completely out there. Even if there's something about one that sort of makes sense, it's hard to wrap your head around the fact that it could, possibly, be real - or that anyone could fully believe it is real. That said, there are definitely some that are more strange than others, and it shouldn't surprise you to hear that many of the wildest conspiracy theories originated on the internet.

There's something about these theories that makes them hard to ignore. Once you hear an interesting one and you start looking into it even deeper, you often begin to become a bit obsessed. Suddenly, what sounded completely insane before starts to sound a little more logical. This is especially true for the theories that are backed up with lots of "evidence" and "proof" online, the ones that have tons of supporters pushing the idea. It's a little intense.

Research has shown that nearly 50 percent of Americans believe conspiracy theories. Studies have found that mere exposure to a popular theory can "make you less pro-social — and less likely to accept established scientific principles." Basically, just watching a video about a theory or reading an article about one can make you more likely to believe it - that's kind of disturbing when you think about it.

Below are just a few of the wildest conspiracy theories on the internet, from weird ideas about celebrities to insistences that entire countries don't exist. Get ready for an interesting ride:


Nicholas Cage Is A Vampire

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is Nicholas Cage an actor... or an immortal vampire? According to some, he's definitely a vampire. This theory began when eBay seller Jack Mord put up a black and white picture from 1870 that looked almost exactly like Cage. Mord asked for £800,000 for the picture, because he said it was proof that Cage is an immortal vampire. From there, it got out of hand, and Cage even had to address it during an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.


The Beatles Never Existed

There is an entire website dedicated to the conspiracy theory that The Beatles never actually existed (the site URL is simply The research began in 2011, and pointed out every little detail. While they had supporters, they have since announced it's "time to move on." Probably for the best.


Jay-Z Is A Vampire Who Can Travel Through Time

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Apparently Nicholas Cage isn't the only immortal vampire out there. There are tons of people online who believe Jay-Z is also a vampire who can travel through time (that doesn't even touch on the amount of people who think he's part of the Illuminati). A photo taken in New York in 1939 seems to be "proof" that he can travel through time.


Saved By The Bell Was Really An Illuminati Message

Saved By The Bell might seem like an innocent show about teens, but it's actually full of hidden messages that endorse Satanism... at least, according to a theory on the internet. An entire website is devoted to exposing the intentions of the show's creators and stars. There are lots of examples there.


Finland Is Not A Real Country

There is actually an entire section of the internet who believe that Finland isn't a real country. A Reddit thread from 2015 by user "Raregans" claims that the country is actually just a fabricated landmass created by the Japanese and Soviet Union during the Cold War to secure fishing rights in the Baltic Sea. This user claims that the citizens actually belong to Sweden, Estonia, and Russia.


Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenét Ramsy

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are tons of theories out there about what really happened to JonBenét Ramsey, the six-year-old beauty queen who died in an unsolved murder in 1996, but the wildest one has to be the one that says she never actually died, but grew up to become Katy Perry. This was first introduced to us by Dave Johnson in a 2014 YouTube video. The theory is that Ramsey's death as a hoax so that she could grow up to become a pop star under the pseudonym Katy Perry. There isn't a lot of evidence there except that the families looks similar. Despite that, it went very viral.


Louis Tomlinson's Baby Is Fake

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When Louis Tomlinson and his partner Briana Jungwirth had a son in January 2016, One Direction fans immediately went to work with a conspiracy theory that the baby was fake. They mainly believe this because they think it's a cover so that Tomlinson's relationship with Harry Styles doesn't get out. There's a lot of "evidence" to get sucked into with this one.


Avril Lavigne Died And Was Replaced By A Doppelganger

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One of the best internet conspiracy theories out there is the one that suggests Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by someone who looks exactly like her. The theory, which is very deep, says things like, "As we all know, it is a popularly believed that Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne took her own life in 2003 shortly after her parents divorce and was replaced by a doppelgänger who left several clues about the death of the original Avril Lavigne in the lyrics of her follow-up album."


Melania Trump Has A Doppleganger Who Does Most Of Her Appearances

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Lavigne isn't the only one who has been replaced by a doppelganger, according to the internet: conspiracy theorists believe Melania Trump has also been replaced by a look-alike. The theory begin during a televised White House press conference in October 2017, when some people started tweeting about how "Melania" looked nothing like herself. The theory took off and continues today.


J.K. Rowling Doesn't Exist

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This theory is just... wow. In 2005, Norwegian filmmaker Nina Grünfeld claimed that the Harry Potter series was created by an entire industry of writers, and J.K. Rowling is just a front. She believes Rowling is just a pen name for a group of writers. This barely makes sense, and still has believers.


Adele and Sam Smith Are The Same Person

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There is a theory out there that Adele and Sam Smith are, in fact, the same person... and there is lots of "evidence" to "prove" it. Theorists say that if you lower the pitch of an Adele song and raise the pitch of a Sam Smith song, they sound exactly the same. There is also the fact that they look quite similar and there are no photos of them together.


NASA Is Hiding A Second Sun

According to one theorist, there is more than one sun out there, NASA just doesn't want us to know about it. In 2016, NASA reported the discover of Planet 9, but an astronomer named Paul Cox says it's actually a second sun, and NASA didn't want anyone to know. There are videos and lots of thoughts dedicated to the theory.


The Israeli Government Has GPS-Equipped Sharks

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In 2010, after a string of deadly shark attacks off the coast of Egypt, theories spread that Israel owned evil, GPS-equipped sharks they use as a weapon to kill people. There's no other word for this but wild.