13 Famous Dogs To Follow On Social Media For National Puppy Day

Ever since finishing school and moving to a new city, I have been pining for a small furry friend — specifically, a puppy. However, I'm unfortunately not at a place currently where I can afford to take care of a dog... so all of these famous dogs on social media will have to suffice my craving for man's best friend. Especially since National Puppy Day is on Mar. 23, and I don't think I can bear watching another person post that they got a dog in honor of this day because I so desperately want that to be me.

I'm not really sure why my obsession with dogs has escalated — part of it probably has to do with the fact that I miss my friends after moving halfway across the country, to NYC. The other part probably because almost all of my favorite publications post about dogs these days, and I can't help but pine over the cute furry creatures that are in their memes and GIFs.

Knowing that right now just isn't the time to have a dog, I decided to browse my social media and find all of the famous dog stars out there. Like, the ones that are filling the void for people like me, who just want a small fix of man's best friend during their day.

With that being said, here are some of my top famous dogs to follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Ralph & George (@ralphthecorgi)

OK, so I'm actually obsessed with Ralph and his brother George over on Instagram. They actually have a super popular calendar made with exclusive pictures of them in costumes, which fans are still freaking out about. Ralph & George also love to show off their butts.

Get more of their cute furry booties over on Instagram (@ralphthecorgi).

Norm (@jermzlee)

Norm is notorious for taking selfies, and he's really good at them too.

Take selfies with Norm on Twitter (@jermzlee) and Instagram (@jermzlee).

Marnie (@MarnieTheDog)

Marnie's little tongue and head tilt is probably the cutest thing you will see all day.

Let Marnie keep sticking her tongue at you over on Twitter (@MarnieTheDog) and Instagram (@MarnieTheDog).

JiffPom (@jiffpom)

JiffPom is probably one of the most famous dogs you will come across on social media. He has his very own line of emojis, and is even nominated for top Social Media Star by Radio Disney. He also starred in Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" music video!

Get more of JiffPom's fluffy goodness over on Twitter (@jiffpom) as well as Instagram (@jiffpom).

Rusty (@staygoldenrustyboy)

This golden retrievers sandy beach adventures are so cute, you'll sit there wishing he was shaking off the sand and sea with you every single day.

Go on some sandy beach adventures with Rusty on Instagram (@staygoldenrustyboy).

Bella (@my_bella_yorkie)

Bella just may have better style than you, and she loves to watch Netflix and hang out in cute sweats. Sometimes even with a glass of red wine, because she just gets it.

Snuggle up with Bella over on Instagram (@my_bella_yorkie).

Oscar, Charlie, Paddy, & Finn (@cartercanines)

This family of dogs is so darn cute, you'll probably want to fill your entire house with labradors after a few scrolls on their Instagram.

Get the family feels with Carter Canines over on Instagram (@cartercanines).

Bentley (@mypitbullfriend)

Ever long for that best friend that loves to lay around, eat food, and dress in silly outfits? He exists, and his name is Bentley.

Nibble on some snacks with Bentley over on Twitter (@mypitbullfriend) and Instagram (@mypitbullfriend).

Ella Bean (@ellabeanthedog)

If Ella Bean isn't laying in bed scrolling through her computer or phone, then she's probably out on the town wearing her leather jacket and aviators.

Get the best of both worlds with Ella Bean on Twitter (@ellabeanthedog) and Instagram (@ellabeanthedog).

Chloe (@ChloeTheMini)

Chloe is the definition of a bougie New Yorker. If she isn't shopping for La Croix or enjoying a croissant in bed, then she's probably taking a walk sporting her big puffy jacket or riding on an airplane to her next gig.

Live the rich live with Chloe over on Twitter (@ChloetheMini) and Instagram (@chloetheminifrenchie).

Java (@javathecorgi)

Can get enough of corgis? Same, which is why Java is my ultimate new obsession.

Trek around London with Java over on Twitter (@JavaTheCorgi) and Instagram (@java.thecorgi).

Chloe (@chloekardoggian)

If that little tongue doesn't pull at your heart strings then I seriously don't know what will. Chloe loves to wear different outfits and costumes for holidays, and of course, chilling with her friends

See all of her #OOTD's over on Instagram (@chloekardoggian).

Taco Bear (@itstacobear)

National Puppy Day is not complete without a bulldog, and little Taco Bear is about to snag your heart. His pictures will have you pleading to pinch that cute squishy face of his one picture at a time.

See all of his adorable squishy face photos over on Instagram (@itstacobear).