13 First Day Of Winter Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Cold


As they say on Game of Thrones: Winter is coming. No, but really, the first day of winter is quickly approaching, as the 2018 winter solstice falls on Dec. 21. In the Northern Hemisphere, this means that we are officially beginning a few months of colder weather that equals snowstorms, freezing rain, and probably a lot of travel delays. Winter can be a rough season to get through, thanks to the fact that the sun is basically nonexistent, temperatures are so low that it actually hurts to be outside, and it kind of feels like you're stuck inside all the time, which gets boring. At the same time, there's nothing you can do about it, so why not just embrace it? You can start by laughing at some first day of winter memes that truly capture the spirit of the day.

Again, there are plenty of negative things about winter, and you could let those things really get you down, but... what's the point? Yeah, it stinks to be cold all the time, and it's not fun to have to deal with things getting cancelled because of the weather, and no one really loves wearing a pile of layers instead of, you know, a cute outfit, but at the same time, we have to just learn to deal. One of the ways you can do that is by laughing at these relatable winter memes and realizing that you aren't the only one who may be feeling a little down in the dumps about the latest season change. It can actually be really helpful to laugh about this stuff with other people!

Plus, the winter solstice is a great time to sit back, take things slow, relax, and reflect on your journey so far. Maybe you can take some time to meditate and feel more calm, or maybe you can manage to embrace the extra darkness on the day of the year we get the least amount of sun. The winter solstice has so many important meanings that go back centuries, so it's definitely worth looking into.

And, hey, maybe you actually enjoy winter and everything that comes with it. That means you're in a much better spot than everyone who is counting down the days until the first day of spring (which isn't for a very long time, unfortunately). Either way, you'll enjoy the below memes, which are totally ridiculous yet also completely relatable:


You start off optimistic before you remember what winter is really like:


Your go-to outfit quickly becomes just a pile of layers.


You're pretty convinced it's been winter for the last few weeks.


It gets dark so early that you don't even understand time anymore.


When the Game Of Thrones reference gets taken too far.


Honestly, you're considering joining the bears.


You want winter to be aesthetically pleasing, like an Instagram photo brought to life, but more of then not... it isn't.


You have no energy to be stylish when it's this cold outside.


Yeah, basically:


You know you're complaining a lot, but what else are you supposed to do?!


You panic when you see this weather coming towards you:


The cold seats are the worst.


This is the best thing about winter: