People Are Tweeting Weird Ways To Save Money & They're So Ridiculous They May Actually Work

by Natalia Lusinski

When it comes to saving money, the more tips the better, right? And when it comes to unusual money-saving ideas, yes, please. Most of you may learn money-saving tactics from your parents while growing up. However, you're never too old to learn more money-saving tips and tricks, whether it's from financial planners, friends, or even Twitter. Yep, #UnusualMoneySavingIdeas is trending on Twitter right now, and some of the ideas are so ridiculous they actually may work.

On a serious note, financial experts have all kinds of advice, from automating part of each paycheck into savings to saving a certain percentage come every pay period. Millennial Arian Vojdani, Investment Strategist at MV Financial, a wealth management firm, is more into saving a certain percentage of each paycheck. "Generally, I try to save a fourth of every dollar I earn, and I think this is a good guideline for other Millennials as well," he tells Bustle. "It will help set them on the path of financial freedom and success later in life."

Though Vojdani's advice is solid as far as saving money from each check, the twitterverse took money-saving ideas a bit more lightly. Here are 13 #unusualmoneysavingideas tweets. They will definitely give you some ideas, as well as make you laugh out loud.


You Can Save On Transportation Costs


You Can Avoid Buying Non-Essentials


You Can Not Give In To The Temptation Of An iPhone


You Can Ask For A LOT Of Help From Your Neighbors


You Can Ask For Help From Your Friends


You Can Try Eating Something Other Than Food


You Can Look At Alternative Forms Of Housing


You Can Just Not Spend Money


You Can Get Water From A Sprinkler


You Can Use The Toilet For Other Purposes


You Can Bring Back The Swear Jar


You Could Spend More Time Alone


You Could Just Not Date

As you can see, there are *plenty* of ridiculous ways to save money, according to Twitter. You can probably think of plenty of your own, too — funny, serious, or somewhere in between.