13 Galentine's Day Cards To Give To Your BFF

One of my favorite things to do for Valentine’s Day is hand out cards. It’s probably engrained from elementary school, when I would spend way more time than was necessary picking out the perfect Valentine's Day cards from the drug store. Would My Little Pony ones say more than traditional hearts? But hearts could in interpreted the wrong way, so perhaps this was the year I should go for teddy bears? The decisions, I’m telling you, were agonizing.

As an adult, I’ve continued the tradition of handing out cards on Valentine’s Day and now, thanks to the indomitable Leslie Knope — the character played by Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation — I can now give out cards on two days in a row mid-February! Galentine’s Day is February 13 and it’s a day of “ladies celebrating ladies.” Personally, I love telling my female friends how much they mean to me and having an entire day dedicated to it is the greatest.

But I keenly remember that drugstore paralysis and have decided to take steps toward preventing it, both for myself and for you, fellow person who has friends they want to celebrate this February 13. And unlike back in the ‘90s, we now have easy access to an amazing array of artisan-made cards, so you don’t even have to feel bad about supporting some strange, corporate, wasteful Valentine’s Day card producer! (Honestly, I’m still kind of shocked that my hippie mom ever let me buy those.) Here are 13 Galentine’s Day cards you can give to your friends this year.

1. Supa Fly!

For your friend who travels. Or just your friend who's SUPA FLY!

So fly, $4.25,

2. The Ann To My Leslie

Taking it back to the original Galentines!

You're the Ann to my Leslie, $4.50,

3. Just Slightly More...

I mean, we're not sloppy drunks... right?

Friend card, $4.25,

4. Don't Stop Believing

Because it's been a rough few months for all of us.

Please Never Stop Believing, $5.00,

5. Only Yoooooouuuuuuuuu...

Seriously: everyone.

Galentines Day Card, $4.50,

6. Utereses Before Duderuses

Never forget!

Utereses Before Duderuses, $4.50,

7. Boy, Bye.

Because Queen Bey says so.

Boy bye, $5.95,

8. For Your Person

You know who she is.

You are my person, $2.50,

9. The Best Gal Pals Ever!

"Thank you for being a friend!"

Thank You For Being A Friend, $4.00,

10. Cuz I Slay

All day.

Cuz I Slay, $4.00,

11. When Your Bestie Is Your Soul Mate


Soul Mate Card, $5.95,

12. Pretty On Fleek

Because... Obviously.

Pretty On Fleek, $4.00,

13. More Than Cheese

That's a lot of love.

Love you more than cheese, $4.50,

Here's to a happy Galentine's Day and ladies celebrating ladies.