13 Halloween Costumes For Small Dogs That Are Both Adorable & Affordable

Halloween should be fun and festive for the whole crew — and when your ride-or-die is your dog, that includes them, too! I know you're busy planning your own epic Halloween costumes — and I get it, these are extraordinarily important decisions. That's why I did some work for you and rounded up some of the most fun Halloween costumes for small dogs that are both adorable and affordable. If you have a little dog, they probably already go everywhere with you, so it only makes sense that they should also live and breathe the spirit of Halloween.

And remember, as adorable as they are in full Halloween regalia, not all dogs like wearing costumes — for some, it's really uncomfortable! So make sure you're paying attention to your furry companion's body language and not being a total nightmare stage mom or dad and forcing them to wear something they're not into. Dog first, cute costume second.

That said, some dogs might be down with simple headpiece, while others may be chill with a body costume (or both!). Whatever the case, there are options — and they're all equally cute. Without further ado, here are some super-simple and adorable Halloween costumes for small dogs that won't break the bank (and will look amazing in all your dog selfies).

Bright & Beautiful Rainbow

What's better than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Um, that's easy: A DOG DRESSED UP AS A RAINBOW. Duh. Your pup will shine full-spectrum in this most precious, rainbow-tastic getup.

Sweet & Fluffy Cupcake

I'm very certain your dog is already adorable, but this costume will be the cherry on top of all that cuteness. Now your pup can be as sweet on the outside as she is on the inside.

Cactus Cutie

Succulent lovers unite, this adorable costume will turn your pup into a tiny lil' cactus. But don't worry — it's all bark and no bite, so you can actually play with this little ball of spikes.

Hot Dog (...Literally)

Sorry, this one gets me every time. Whether or not you like hot dogs, I think we can all agree that we like actual dogs dressed as hot dogs, right? I mean, check out those lil' doggo buns. Too cute.

Sweetest Sunflower

Summer may be over, but sunflowers? Always in season. Let your fur baby bloom in this oh-so-cute and very simple yellow flower headpiece. This one will definitely call for a garden photo shoot.

Little Monster

OK, not sure this little monster is going to be scaring anyone anytime soon — chewing up your shoes, maybe, but not scaring anyone. That's fine though, cause I def prefer tiny costumed-dog monsters to real ones. Choose from either the adorable pink or blue Muppet-esque outfits for your pup.

Wonder Woman Dog

Your dog is likely already your own personal superhero, so now you can show the world. Up the girl power factor with this pint-sized Wonder Woman costume.

A (Very) Little Mermaid

Mermaid costumes tend to be restricting for us humans (fins on land don't tend to work out too well, ya know?), but this this precious mer-dog costume is a true fantasea for a sweet little land pup.

Perfect Slice O' Pizza

There's maybe only one thing that a person could love more than their pet, and that's pizza. Just kidding — doggos over pizza any day (and that's saying a lot) — but now you can combine your passions by dressing your pup as a delish slice of pizza.

Littlest Lion

I'd be lion if I told you my dog wasn't my mane squeeze. OK, I'm sorry, enough of the puns — I'm really just here to show you this very cute and furry lion costume that will transform your pupper into the littlest king of the jungle.

Magical Rainbow Unicorn

What's more magical: Dogs or unicorns? Obviously the answer is both, y'all. This simple and adorable headpiece will make your dog even more mystical than he already is with a soft rainbow mane and shimmery unicorn horn.

This Dog Means Business

Is your pup climbing the corporate ladder? Maybe not, but you can still keep things highly professional by dressing your dog in this hilarious business suit. No frilly costumes here — this baby means business. If you bring your dog to the office, bonus points for you.

Lucky Ladybug

This whimsical costume comes with the cutest, tiniest antennae and sparkly wings to make your furry lady (or gentleman!) the most darling ladybug ever.