Stop Your Crying, The "Sign Of The Times" Memes Are Here

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've been on the internet for more than five seconds, you know that, on Friday, Harry Styles dropped his debut solo single "Sign of the Times." You also know, regardless if you've seen it yet (again, on the internet for less than five seconds), that people are losing it over Styles new song. From the moment the song was available, Twitter became a hysterical explosion of "Sign of the Times" memes, with the fandom desperately trying to condense their feelings into gifs.

Of course this isn't just the normal One Directioner solo release; Harry, from all my extensive research (being on the internet for five seconds), was the dreeeeamiest pick in the now-defunct boy band. This is the one we've all been waiting for, fam. And, as such, the fandom has latched into the "Life On Mars"-esque title track, screaming it through their social media outlets. My guess? They will probably never stop their crying, ever. Though it's very sweet that Harry knows his audience so well.

If you would, however, like to stop your tears, or alternately feel like you're a part of the madness, you're in luck. These are just some of the "Sign of the Times" memes people are crying about.


You Can Imagine Him Calmly Observing Fans Before The Album Dropped

Chaos and discord across the internet.


And When It Did, It Was An Instant Tear-Jerker

Waterfalls streaming.


And It Just Never Stopped

Thank God you came prepared with a tissue box.


No One Can Even Deal

Kleenex must be killing in sales right now.


That Falsetto Is Just Killer

Pitch perfect.


And You Can Really Hear All His Influences

Oh, David Bowie, too.


By Round Two You've Memorized All The Lyrics

Bottom to top.


Or At Least The One That Matters Most

The neighbors are so thrilled to be woken up this way.


It's All Emotionally Exhausting

You need a break, but don't want a break.


So You Get Serenaded To Sleep

Which gives you the sweetest dreams.


And Get Ready For The Next Day

Thx, Etsy.


Because You Know You're Strolling Into Your Job A Disaster

Showing up late vaguely ruined with a coffee.


But Don't Worry, You're In Good Company

Well. I guess it's time to take that "Sign of the Times" listening party out into the real world, right?

Enjoy, world. Harry Styles' solo career has arrived.