13 Hobbies To Help Ease Anxiety

When it comes to easing anxiety, the process for figuring out what works best for you as an individual can be incredibly intimate. Still, it can be really useful to know what hobbies help people with their anxiety as a way to generate ideas for yourself. Though sometimes it can feel frustrating, coping skills and mental health treatment can require a degree of trial and error just like anything else, and it can be a really positive thing to remain open minded and try new things.

Luckily for us, the wonderful commenters of AskReddit have plenty of suggestions for easy hobbies you can pick up as a means of helping your anxiety. Of course, you'll want to choose something that doesn't give you more anxiety — for example, if you're on a tight budget, wanting to begin a hobby that requires a significant investment up front in material costs might not be the wisest choice. Similarly, if you're someone who desperately needs a break from scheduled commitments, signing up for yet another class might be best kept for another part of the year. Basically, do what works for you.

And remember: If you're struggling with anxiety or are simply not feeling your best, never hesitate to reach out for support! Getting in touch with a trusted friend, loved one, or mental health professional can make all the difference. You can also use free counseling services, like the Crisis Text Line, when you're in need.

Check out the 13 hobbies I've highlighted below, check out the full list of suggestions at AskReddit.


Pick Up A Camera


It's true: Even if you don't want to invest in a fancy camera right now, you can totally get into photography just using your cell phone and some nifty editing apps.


Sit Down With A Puzzle


Puzzles are a great way to focus on a project that you can return to again and again. It's also a nice activity to do with others if you want company but not a lot of conversation.


Get In Touch With Your Bendy Side


People talk about the health benefits of yoga all the time, and for good reason. Many people feel that easing stress and anxiety are key reasons to get involved in this form of exercise.


Get Thee To The Water


Provided you're a good swimmer and in a safe area, going for a swim can be totally relaxing.


Write It Out


Whether you want to publish your work or not, writing is an incredible way to understand and voice your own experiences. It's also free to do, assuming you have access to a computer or just pen and paper.


Cuddle The Animals


I love this suggestion. Research has shown that spending time with animals is good for your mental health, and volunteering at shelters helps socialize our furry friends. Win-win!


Take Regular Walks


Never underestimate how beneficial it can be to get your legs moving and some fresh air into your lungs.


Embrace Your Inner Artist


I've never worked with stained glass before, but I think this idea sounds really cool. You can even pick up starter kits online!


Get Your Needle And Thread Out


Embroidery is one of those hobbies I've always wanted to try but haven't yet. People seem to love it, though, and as this commenter points out, it's pretty cheap and accessible to learn.


Take Care Of Nature


If you have a yard, this is obviously easier, but if you live in the city, you can still grow herbs in your kitchen or keep flowers in a pot in your window.


Sharpen Your Colored Pencils


Many people rave about adult coloring books, and for good reason: They're relaxing! They're fun! You can do them solo or with friends. They also make great homemade cards.


Needle And Thread, Part Two


Some people strongly prefer to either knit or crochet; some people even do both. Either way, it's a sure fire way to calm you down during your long commute on the subway.


Paint Your Heart Out


Ppaint your own pottery" locations are all over the place, though the options definitely vary depending on where you are. Luckily, though, between Google and Yelp, it's easy to find yourself a place where you can paint some of your own creations, no expertise or prior experience needed.